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My Subscription Addiction

It’s Time to Leave Hatfishing Behind in 2022

Jude Phillips
ByJude PhillipsJan 17, 2023In Partnership With Keeps

Hatfishing. Basically like catfishing, but with less hair and more hats. And we’ve all been there! You’re about to leave the house, you take another look in the mirror, and you decide to throw on a baseball cap or beanie for good measure. Particularly when you’re heading to an event where you want to impress–like a first date. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with tossing on a stylish hat, I’ve found that it’s become a security blanket for me. And by me, I mean men who are experiencing hair loss.

But with Keeps’ hair loss treatments, I’m planning to ditch the caps and leave hatfishing behind in 2022. Wonder how? Well, here’s how Keeps can up your hair game in the new year:

Personalized treatment plans

After taking a 1-minute quiz on Keeps’ website, you will be presented with personalized solutions. Whether you’re experiencing a thinning hairline, patchy baldness, or just want to prevent any thinning from happening at all, Keeps will recommend a custom plan. You can even schedule a free consultation with one of Keeps’ patient advisors.

Their recommended products are always doctor-reviewed and use the only two FDA-approved hair loss treatments–Finasteride & Minoxidil, which have been proven to be 90% effective at preventing hair loss. Choose from Keeps’ new Finasteride and Minoxidil Gel, Finasteride pills, a Minoxidil foam or solution, and more!

Convenient and affordable solutions

If you’re hesitant to start your hair growth journey because of time or money, don’t worry. Keeps is both inexpensive and super easy to use. Instead of having to go in-person to a pharmacy or doctor, Keeps will (discreetly) ship your products every three, six, or twelve months, for as low as around $10/month, depending on the treatment. And you can also easily adjust your treatment depending on how your progress is tracking! So if you started out with a topical cream but want to switch to a prescription pill or shampoo & conditioner, you can change at any time.

Results in under 6 months

While there’s no miracle pill to “cure” baldness, Keeps offers the next best thing. Over 400,000 men have turned to Keeps for hair loss prevention and regrowth, and show signs of improvement in the first 4-6 months. That means that if you start using their products today, you’ll be seeing real results as early as the spring! I know I personally don’t want to be tied to my beanies or caps during the warmer months, so I can’t wait to begin my Keeps journey and put an end to my constant hat wearing. Your future self–and your future date–will thank you for it.