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Is the new quip Toothbrush Worth the Hype?

Tiffany Kepler
ByTiffany KeplerDec 14, 2022In Partnership With quip

When I initially heard about quip I thought, “Greaaatt, another electric toothbrush on the market”. I know electric toothbrushes are supposed to be better but I’ve just never found one that worked for me. I’ve used so many different brands and models over the years and honestly kept going back to the standard toothbrushes because electric ones are either too clunky, too expensive, or too cumbersome to use.

Despite my skepticism, quip’s simple and sleek design did catch my eye but I still had my doubts. This latest quip toothbrush has the same design but it's not rechargeable. But does this really have a 3-month battery life? Does it really have the power to clean my teeth because it’s so small? Would I just end up heading head back to my old toothbrush once again?

I really wasn’t expecting to like it but I have been hearing about quip nonstop from so many people and on social media so figured “why not” and gave it a shot! Here’s how it exceeded my expectations:

Sleek design with soft-bristle brush head

I absolutely love the sleek handle, how lightweight it is, and how it feels like a standard brush but does the work of an electric toothbrush. I loved being able to pick between so many different colors, plus either metal or plastic.

I always struggled with different brush heads because some were too soft, some too hard, I felt like goldilocks and couldn’t find my “just right” until using quip.

Frees up counter space and travel friendly

I'm OBSESSED with how it doesn't take up any space at all on my counter, and it’s super easy to travel with; with its travel case that also doubles as a mirror mount. I have a tiny bathroom and travel bag and all the different modes (that I never used), wires, and clunky chargers just had to go! The sleek magnetic charger lasts up to 3 months per charge too.

Smart features improve brushing technique

Now my favorite part of quip’s electric toothbrush is the smart version that gives me valuable feedback. It comes with an app that allows me to link my toothbrush and see how good; or not so good, my brushing skills are–and gives me rewards when I do well. Over the last 34 years of my life, I’ve had dentists suggest focusing on different areas but with quip, it actually shows me. I’m a visual learner and this has been so fun to see if I am brushing too hard or not brushing long enough, and how to fix it!

Affordable with automatic refills delivered

With all these features you would expect a hefty price tag but NOPE. They are so competitively priced with others on the market; and offer auto refills for the brush heads so I never have to run to the store to get replacements. The quip Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush starter kit costs $40 and comes with a handle, brush head, a magnetic USB-A cable, and a travel cover that doubles as a mirror mount. The smart version is $50 and features a Bluetooth smart motor. Brush head refills for both versions start at $5.


Where has this been my whole life? I love using quip and all their products from their sleek reusable/refillable floss, concentrated mouthwash, and their amazing toothpaste, they have a customer for life!