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My Subscription Addiction

Is Honeylove Underwear *That* Amazing?

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereSep 8, 2022In Partnership With Honeylove

I love fall fashion, but it’s not always the easiest to style. Sure, everything goes great when the weather drops and you can pull out the flannels and the sweaters and the jeans. But once the holiday season comes along, it’s hard to avoid temptation and after those long weeks of indulging our jeans don’t fit quite as well. It happens to all of us, but we can’t just buy a whole new wardrobe for the holiday season, so we have to look for garments that can make our favorite pieces fit all year long.

Enter Honeylove: my secret to feeling confident throughout the holiday season.

I discovered Honeylove last year when I was searching for shapewear to wear to my best friend’s New Year’s Eve wedding. Their SuperPower Short was the perfect piece for this big event. I felt comfortable and confident and looked amazing in my dress. When I saw that they recently came out with the Silhouette Brief, I knew that I had to have them! These shaping panties are my answer to an everyday undergarment that will give me the smoothing effect that I love from their sculptwear without committing to a full piece of shapewear under every outfit.

There are so many details in these panties that really go above and beyond. 3D printed velvet on the sides gives me support where I need it the most. It keeps everything nice and smooth. The stretch fabric moves with my body so it never rides up or folds over.

More importantly, these panties actually make my clothes fit better. Before, I had to jump and wiggle around just to get into my jeans – and that was before trying to button them. These panties make everything fit perfectly. No lines or bumps. The best part? They don’t cut into you. I have four pairs – all in different colors – and not a single one jabs me when I sit down. I can breathe. What other underwear can you say that about? I’ll wait…

Plus, I feel sexy in them. The design is sleek and cute. They look like lingerie but with more coverage and still have some support. If you want to complete the look, pair these with the Silhouette Bra - Honeylove has a great program where if you buy two products you get 20% off one of them.

And, in case all of that wasn’t reason enough, Honeylove has a bundle where you can save 21% if you buy 3 pairs of the Silhouette Brief. I know I’m going to grab a bundle so I have multiple colors in my drawer, and you should too. You’ll thank me later.

In the end, Honeylove’s Silhouette Brief is exactly the daily shaping support I was looking for. It makes everything in my closet look better. I wear them all the time and they haven’t stretched out or lost their shape yet. Good underwear is weirdly hard to find, so take my word for it - these are the real deal!