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My Subscription Addiction

Is Cometeer Coffee Right For You? Find Out Now.

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsDec 21, 2022In Partnership With Cometeer

I was highly skeptical of these frozen Cometeer coffee pucks at first, I’ll admit. But boy, after trying it out for a few weeks, I can confidently say that I was wrong to hold any doubts!

If you’re on the fence about trying Cometeer and taking the plunge into frozen coffee pucks for the first time, read through my quick Cometeer question guide first and then decide for yourself!

Question 1: What Does It Even Taste Like?

Cometeer is made with the highest quality coffee beans from the globe’s best roasters - they offer a really diverse flavor selection. The beans are ground and brewed with incredible precision and then flash frozen at peak flavor, hence the “frozen coffee puck.”

I really can’t get over how crisp and delightful their coffee tastes. Think of the best drink from Starbucks you love… but 10x better. Cometeer is so fresh, crisp, and bursting with flavor. I like my coffee bold and black, so I have Cometeer’s Medium/Dark Roast Box delivered right to my door each month and IMMEDIATELY start enjoying a cup when it gets delivered.

Question 2: How Do You Make It? Does It Need a Machine?

You start with a frozen aluminum capsule. You peel back the lid, drop it in your mug, and simply add just 8oz of water. No machine. No mess. No coffee grounds everywhere. It’s definitely not like that old, clunky machine you’ve been using.

No time wasted waiting for coffee to brew, either. The convenience and speed at which I can make and consume my Cometeer coffee is a total game changer, let alone how satisfying the coffee tastes.

Cometeer is really unique - when was the last time you made hyper-flavored coffee from a frozen coffee capsule? I bet never.

Question 3: Is It Affordable? How Does It Compare To My Starbucks?

Long story short: yes, it’s very affordable!

Basically, Cometeer tastes like it should cost $7.50/cup (or more), but in reality, it only costs around $2/cup – significantly less than a daily Starbucks!

Not only am I enjoying the best coffee of my life each morning, I’m also saving some $$$!

Question 4: Does Cometeer Have Good Reviews?

Cometeer is known as the best tasting and most convenient coffee on Earth for a reason and yeah, the reviews from their customers confirm as much.

Even reputable media outlets are starting to go bananas over Cometeer – editors from CNN, Wired, Bustle, Bon Appetit, and more have all written up 5-star reviews on these frozen coffee pucks!

Here’s a review that really stood out to me from a customer (and verified everything I was thinking!):

“I’ve never tasted anything as close to as good as this. I thought my routine of Nespresso one day and then Starbucks the other day was unmatched. But then I tried Cometeer and am never going back. I’d personally rate Nespresso a 7/10 for taste and Starbucks a 6/10. Cometeer, on the other hand, is easily a 9 or 10/10. It’s also nearly 50% cheaper than my previous coffee routine, so it’s a double bang: taste and price”.  – Michelle H. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

TL;DR - Cometeer has raving reviews from their 100,000+ trusting customer base, so you can definitely believe the hype.

Question 5: Where Can I Order Cometeer?

You can order your Cometeer on their website here! It’s a really easy process and offers you customization on your order - including things like flavors, caffeinated or decaf, delivery frequency, and more.

I’d highly recommend trying out Cometeer today and finally putting your clunky coffee machine to rest. Order here!