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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Is Cirkul Worth the Hype? I Found Out.

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereDec 15, 2022In Partnership With Cirkul

I've been seeing Cirkul a lot recently...on TikTok, on Facebook, on Instagram, in Walmart, and was curious to learn more. I know I need to drink more water but just get so bored by the taste sometimes, so I did a little research to see what others had thought of it and decide if I should try it. Here's some of the things I learned -

1. Cirkul can help you live a healthier life

  • "I kicked my diet soda habit and have lost 10 pounds since I started using Cirkul! Love the product! My favorite flavors are black cherry and peach mango. Thank you so much for your wonderful product!!"-Emily E.
  • "My son referred me to you, and I just placed my first order. I cannot thank you enough — he was a soda-holic, drinking at least a 12 pack a day. Now, he has switched to your program, and hasn’t touched another soda. His skin looks better, his back feels better (he’s an auto technician, bending and twisting all day), he lost 10 pounds and his teeth are saved. Thank you!!"- Cheryl M.

2. Cirkul can save you money

  • "I save between 200-300 dollars a month just from reducing soda and energy drinks purchased. I bumped up to the 16 cartridge subscription and still see savings"-Billy M.

3. The taste is amazing

  • "This is a wonder system. After just 2 months I am completely off sodas...Water has never tasted so good." - Melissa S.
  • "I just got mine today and I ordered a bunch more flavors, the bottle is AMAZING quality and the flavors are awesome. It’s so easy to use and the packaging is beautiful. I ordered two more packs. I'm so excited to try more out! Thank you cirkul!"- Tom A.

With reviews like this, I had to try it. I'm happy to share that I totally agree with all of the opinions above...I'm drinking about 3X as much water as I did pre-Cirkul, have saved money from my usual soda habit, and feel like I'm leading a healthier life overall. My personal favorite flavor is Pennsylvania Tea & Lemonade and Cucumber (can you say spa water?). I'll be drinking Cirkul from now on and would recommend you try as well! What are you waiting for?

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