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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I’m a Mom of 4. I Wish I’d Found Coterie Diapers Earlier!

Brandi D.
ByBrandi D.May 13, 2022


Ah, diapers! If you have children, like me, you become quite the expert in this subject simply due to the sheer number used during infancy and childhood. Unless of course, you're one of those parents who has done elimination communication, which is something I find equally amazing and terrifying (check it out, it's no joke!). Now that we are on our fourth child, I can honestly say I've tried a lot of what is out there.

With my first two, I exclusively used one of the popular name-brand diapers in conjunction with cloth diapers, but by the time my third came around, my cloth diapers weren't quite cutting it and the laundry was certainly piling up. Fortunately, at this point, the diaper market had started to change and there were now some better options out there.

Currently, I have found a brand that I am mostly satisfied with, but with new brands popping up every day, I have certainly been intrigued. Coterie is one that has shown up for me a lot on social media (you know, when they decide to read your mind) and so I was eager to give them a try to see if they might actually be a contender.

Just to give you a quick breakdown of what to expect with Coterie, their offerings are quite simple; plain white diapers in size newborn through 6 (for up to 35 lbs) along with wipes that only come in packs of 56.

This may sound a bit boring when every other diaper company is boasting new designs, fun boxes, bath and body items, or travel packs of wipes (one thing I will say I wholeheartedly approve of!), but I think simplicity can sometimes be a welcome change in this world of never ending baby gear and gadgets. While they don't offer much in the way of products, their products do stand out as far as what they are made of, which I'll get to shortly!

The Diapers

This looks like a plain white diaper, but it has so many standout features to me, so let's start with what I noticed right away:

  • These diapers are so soft; like impressively soft!
  • Plain white color means they will be subtle under clothing.
  • Size is clearly indicated on the tab (so important when you have kids in different sizes!)
  • They have a wetness indicator - that yellow stripe gets dark which is easy to see, especially during those late-night changes!

Now let's talk about what you can't see;

  • They have a proprietary wicking system that keeps your baby drier for longer due to the absorbent core which includes wood pulp from sustainably managed forests
  • They have 70% more liquid capacity and 4X faster absorbency, which means fewer diaper changes and fewer diapers in landfills!
  • Free from chlorine, fragrance, lotion, latex, rubber, dye, alcohol, heavy metals, parabens, harsh chemicals, VOCs, or optical brighteners.
  • Both clinically and dermatologist-tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made without animal testing

What I've Noticed:

I have noticed some positives since switching over to these:

  • Softer diapers mean they are more comfortable (my 3-year-old attested to this).
  • The diapers are a good fit - both of my boys fit well in their sizes.
  • They are super absorbent - it's actually amazing how much they can hold!
  • My newborn was waking to be changed when he had a mess, but with these, he doesn't seem to mind the wetness as much since it feels drier against his skin.
  • We go through fewer diapers a day.

How Do They Compare to Others We've Tried?

In a world where social media ads are constantly targeting mothers with the newest most innovative products, it's hard to discern which you actually need and it's difficult to find trusted reviews.  It's especially hard to commit to buying different diapers when you don't know whether they will work for your child, and testing them out can be both wasteful and expensive.

Having had 3 children go through various brands of diapers (Pampers, Honest, HelloBello, etc.), I can confirm that Coterie is so different; some fit too narrow, one brand caused rashes, and another did not have the same absorbing power and we experienced leaks. So far, these have outperformed any of those diapers that we've tried! As for pricing, these are definitely on the higher end, especially in comparison to the more popular brands that we've tried but they are still comparable to other eco-friendly diaper subscriptions out there.

The Verdict

These diapers are super soft and absorbent resulting in fewer diaper changes and more comfort for baby. While I can't customize my subscription a lot with fun prints or mix and match sizes, this subscription meets our needs for a quality diaper made with only the safest ingredients that get delivered directly to our home. Will this be the diaper we stick with? Who knows! Our diaper needs are constantly changing, but this is certainly a great diaper and I'm happier with Coterie than the other brands I've tried.

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