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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

If You’re Ashamed to Admit How Often TikTok Has Made You Buy Things, Sorry – Here’s a Razor to Add to Your List 

Thalia Gunabe
ByThalia GunabeJan 10, 2023In Partnership With Athena Club

Let’s be real - in today’s day and age, TikTok is our new source of truth. While I’m not willing to admit how many TikTok ads I've fallen victim to, I am willing to let you in on a secret… I’ve found the best self-care brand the internet has seen in ages: Athena Club.

Before I get into details about how Athena Club has completely changed the way I think about shaving and self-care, I’m going to start by telling you why your name-brand razor isn’t doing you any favors.

Thousands of 5-star reviews at a fraction of the cost

If you’re anything like me, you’ve used overpriced, name-brand razors for as long as you can remember. As someone who shaves more than just my legs, I’ve had my fair share of nicks, burns, bumps, and ingrown hairs. This has left me with extreme discomfort, especially in sensitive areas. In a failed attempt to avoid this discomfort, I would replace my razor every 2 weeks – the only thing this did was prove to be an expensive and impractical way to live.

Through some aimless TikTok scrolling, I saw a video of an influencer reviewing Athena Club – a self-care company committed to providing high-quality feminine body-care products for body care and wellness. As we know, TikTok ads can be hit or miss, so I went to the website to read some reviews – Athena Club had thousands of 5-star reviews and all of their products are listed at a fraction of the cost of what I’ve seen in the store. With those credentials, I had to give it a try…

The most attractive razor with tons of color options

I went for the Razor Kit, which included a Razor Handle, 2 Five-Blade Cartridges, and a Shower Hook. Not only was this set packed with high-value products, but it’s also extremely well-priced! The whole set cost $9 – anywhere else these products would have cost me well over that.

Out of the box I was already in awe – while looks aren’t everything, Athena Club is the most attractive razor I’ve ever seen. Athena Club has tons of colors to choose from, but I went for the limited edition Lilac handle – the pastel-colored, rubber handle was practical and aesthetically pleasing to use in the shower.

Smooth and silky skin with no nicks or bumps

As for razor quality, I'm not sure where to begin… The five-stainless steel blades are cushioned with skin guards and space to allow hair and shaving cream to pass through with ease. Also, the razor head is equipped with a water-activated serum, so the only thing left behind is smooth and silky skin – no stray hairs, no nicks, no bumps, and no burns. From my underarms to my legs, Athena Club’s razors have left me totally unscathed.

Affordable refills delivered right to your door

Something I really love about Athena Club is the blade-cartridge subscription. When you purchase the Razor Kit, you fill out a short quiz based on how often you shave and how often you’d like your replacement cartridges to arrive. As someone who shaves a few times a week, I have 8 blades arriving every 4 months – this puts each blade at $2.50 which is the lowest price I’ve seen replacement razor heads at. It’s perfect for me because I don’t have to worry about running out of replacements, or running to the store to buy a razor – my Athena Club shows up right at my door when I need it!

Also when you go to check out you’ll have the option to add the Cloud Shave Foam to your subscription – while you’ll undoubtedly have a high-quality shave with the Razor Kit as-is, I highly recommend adding the Cloud Shave Foam shaving cream for an extra level of luxury.


Athena Club is hands down the best razor I’ve used – I've been around the block when it comes to razors, and time and time again I've been left nicked, with rashes and uncomfortable. If you’re looking to change your shaving experience and achieve a new type of luxury, Athena Club is for you.