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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Went Through A LOT of Different Pet Food Brands For My Dog – Here’s Why This One Stuck

Thalia Gunabe
ByThalia GunabeFeb 2, 2023In Partnership With The Farmer's Dog

I’m obsessed with my dog, Drakko. I think that’s pretty obvious the moment you look at my Instagram. He’s who I come home to after a long day and the one who makes me happy when times are tough. That’s why I treat him to the best of everything. So when I came across The Farmer’s Dog after watching a YouTube video, which claimed to be fresh, human-grade dog food made specifically for my dog’s needs, I knew I needed to try it.

Drakko is a large dog and I needed to supplement his old kibble with other nutrients and vitamins to make sure he was growing healthy and strong. If The Farmer’s Dog was going to make it easier to give my dog a healthier lifestyle, then I was willing to sign up.


Signing up for The Farmer’s Dog was easy. All I needed to do to build my dog’s plan was answer questions like how many dogs I have, the type of concerns I have about their health, as well as some more logistical questions. Not only is it nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs, but it is also made fresh in USDA kitchens without preservatives and with the highest quality ingredients.

Days after I placed my order, the food was cooked and shipped to my dog so he really got to taste how fresh it was. Despite not needing to use it at the time, The Farmer’s Dog offers flexible and convenient shipping plans for the times you run out of food quicker than you think or need to send it to another address.


I was worried that the fresh dog food might not be as appealing to Drakko as the kibble he’s used to but it passed with flying colors. Drakko ran right over and gobbled it all up. I think he prefers it to dried food and visually it looks more appetizing too—you can actually see and smell the fresh ingredients. But the real win is all the benefits.

I noticed a massive change in my dog’s digestive system immediately after using it. He wasn’t struggling to go to the bathroom, he was full of energy without any supplements, and I no longer have to deal with those terrible farts in the middle of the night.

In the long run, I’m noticing Drakko hasn’t suffered any diarrhea episodes, which weren’t too uncommon before. His coat is super shiny and shedding normally. On top of that, he doesn’t smell as bad and his stools were healthier and easier to pick up than before.


I have to admit that The Farmer’s Dog impressed me. Drakko is healthier than before and he’s so full of energy that it’s hard to tire him out at the end of the day.

I believe that all dogs could benefit from fresh, human-grade dog food but it’s an especially great alternative for dogs who have digestive problems, health problems, sensitive stomachs, and older dogs who need a specific healthy diet.

So if you want to give your dog a healthier lifestyle and a longer life, I highly recommend checking out The Farmer’s Dog. My Drakko loves it.