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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Wasn’t Convinced This Capsule System Would Elevate My Travel Routine–Then I Took It On The Go

Lindsey Morse
ByLindsey MorseOct 24, 2022In Partnership With Cadence

I love to travel, but there have been times when I’ve suspected my friends, family, and coworkers aren’t thrilled about traveling with me. Here’s the thing: I’m that person who ALWAYS checks a bag. (Don’t judge me, okay? I have a lot of products in my routine that don’t come in travel sizes).

After a recent trip where a friend and I were stuck waiting 45 minutes for my suitcase to make its way to the luggage carousel, she challenged me to try Cadence to see if I could make the switch from checked to carry-on. Here’s how it’s going:

Same Stuff, Less Space

My big hang-up in becoming a “carry-on person” is that I’m partial to my product routine. I use a variety of creams, serums, and hair products that don’t come in travel-friendly packages, and I want to bring them all with me when I travel. With Cadence’s travel containers, I can fit six of my favorite products in the palm of my hand. (You can pack up to 12 in your carry-on while remaining TSA-compliant).

The capsules are also easy to clean and refillable–check out that wide opening! Plus, the magnetic sides keep them neatly clicked together, so they won’t scatter around my bag and hide in my underwear.

Designs That Spark Joy

One of my favorite things about Cadence is that the system is customizable. You can choose how many capsules you need, which colors you want, and how they’re labeled. Each label is printed on a tile that’s magnetic and removable, so you can swap them out as often as you like.

I picked a variety of fun icons for my Cadence set because they made me do a little happy dance, but you can also choose days of the week (great for pills) or tiles that say things like “shampoo,” “hand cream,” and “vitamins.” You can even personalize tiles with the language of your choice. My little set makes me feel calm, organized, and happy…you know what doesn’t? Showing up to the airport way earlier than necessary so I can wait in line to check my bag.

A Justifiable Splurge

One of the biggest hesitations I had about making the switch to Cadence was the price. These little containers cost $76 for a set of 6. But hear me out. Unlike the cheap plastic TSA-friendly bottles you can buy in drugstores, these are legitimately leakprook. The screw-on lids fit like a glove, and the containers are extremely sturdy. They won’t get smooshed or cracked if an overzealous traveler slams their bag into yours while trying to make space in the overhead compartment.

Plus, the average price of checking a bag these days is $30-$40 dollars each way, so I pretty much broke even after one trip (and am now actually saving money every time I travel).

A Product I Can Feel Good About

In the past when I forced myself to carry-on, I relied on little Ziploc baggies to hold just enough product to see me through the trip, but the process of transferring all my liquids and gels into plastic bags is messy and wasteful–I always seem to lose a lot of product, and I don’t love relying on single-use plastic. Cadence capsules are designed with sustainability in mind. They’re reusable and made to last, and they’re even constructed using recycled, ocean-bound plastic.

When I first accepted my friend’s “Cadence challenge,” I honestly wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to change up my bag-checking lifestyle, but the transition has been remarkably easy. Best of all, I’m now saving so much time when I travel! I can arrive at the airport later, skip baggage claim, and get to my destination faster… with all the products I need to feel like myself when I’m away from home, plus much happier travel companions.