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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Wasn’t a Water Flosser Person – Until I Found the One That Changed My Mind

Heidi Austin
ByHeidi AustinDec 19, 2022In Partnership With quip

I’ve never been particularly interested in water flossing. Having this massive machine on my bathroom counter taking up lots of space, while potentially harboring mold and bacteria, always seemed like a terrible idea to me.

Don’t get me wrong–I floss every day religiously. When my dentist highly recommended water flossing, claiming that it cleans so much deeper under the gum line than traditional floss can, I decided to keep an open mind and see if I could find a water flosser that might work. Enter quip. quip is an oral care brand known for its beautiful electric toothbrushes, which have over 25K 5-star reviews.

Quip is cordless, rechargeable, and stylish

quip has a portable, chargeable, and compact water flosser– and it’s stylish, too! It’s got a 360º rotating magnetic floss tip that is able to reach every angle and curve of the mouth, so I really feel like my teeth get clean.

quip's flosser has 2 pressure modes and 2 water flow settings, so you can customize for your comfort. Personally, I like the softer pressure for my sensitive gums, but the stronger setting definitely isn’t overwhelming. Its water reservoir is big enough to do an entire floss session without having to stop and refill.

A lot of flossers on the market have a tube going from the reservoir to the tip, and I always worry about not being able to keep it clean - it seems like the perfect environment for mold! quip’s flosser doesn’t have any tubes, and I feel a lot safer knowing that I can easily sanitize every part of it. Another perk is that quip also has a great subscription plan for replacement heads: they’re just $5 a pop, and they arrive conveniently to the door every 3 months on autoship. That way I know the water flosser is always going to be clean, and I can avoid the buildup of mineral deposits, which can reduce performance.

Take quip on-the-go

The magnetic charging cable is extremely easy to use, and I only have to charge it every 7-8 weeks with daily use, which is a huge bonus for an avid flosser like me. If I’m going on vacation, I don’t even need to pack the charger. It comes in multiple colors to choose from–I decided on Copper because it looks great on my bathroom counter, but you can also choose from colors like White, Sky Blue, and All-Black. You can color match with other quip products for a beautiful bathroom display, too: purchase both the Copper Water Flosser and the Copper Electric Brush for a sleek metallic look, or go for a Slate gray display if that’s more your vibe.

My teeth and gums feel healthier than ever

I’ve noticed my teeth are feeling so much cleaner after water flossing, and my gums are looking healthy–my dentist may be on to something! I got a separate floss head for my husband so we can both kiss cavities goodbye, and he’s loving the results as much as I am.


quip’s water flosser squashed my fears about space, tubes, and bacteria. Plus, I can take it on the go. If you’re on the fence about getting a water flosser like I was, go for it! It’s a game changer for oral health and you’re going to love it.

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