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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Was Spending $250 Per Month Trying Skincare Products That Didn’t Work for Me Until I Discovered This Brand

Geraldine Orentas
ByGeraldine OrentasSep 17, 2022In Partnership With Yours

I have struggled with acne for years; I’m in my 30s and still struggle with it. Trying to clear my skin, I often spend hundreds on “miracle” products. But, I was sick and tired of this skincare roulette that wasn’t working for me. I was using essences, toners, serums, balms…you name it! It was exhausting to go through it all at the time, and I found myself barely washing my face and going to bed.

That’s when I found out about Yours. And I was immediately hooked!

I finally found a minimalist skincare routine that works…

Before Yours, I went through 8-12 steps in my skincare routine. I was spending between $100 to $250 on skincare that wasn’t working – both my skin and I were done.

Yours is a personalized skincare brand that focuses on a minimalist approach with customized ingredients to save time and money on my skincare routine. Their simplified approach means you go from cleanser to serum to moisturizer and finish with SPF in the morning.

This 3-step routine felt doable, affordable, and surprisingly effective!

No more second-guessing my picks…

Since I was mixing 12 different skincare products, I was second-guessing my picks a lot.

I wasn’t sure if my essences would go well with the serums or the moisturizers. To be 100% honest, I’m pretty sure some of the products I used together were further irritating and sensitizing my skin, thus making everything worse.

With Yours, I took their online quiz to explain my skin’s concerns to get personalized products packed with 6-10 active ingredients. That’s a lot! Especially when I found out other brands only use 1-2 active ingredients in their so-called “personalized” formulas.

I was finally getting a simplified routine that included what my skin needed the most. I was saving money, space, and time!

At last, I wasn’t second-guessing my routine; I knew this was tailored to meet my skin’s needs with ingredients personalized to help me get the results I was looking for – clear skin.

Personalized yet friendly…

Yours sends over a Day-Night skincare routine with daily serums and moisturizers. You get to combine these personalized products with ones you have at home – saving you more money.

Or, you can add Yours’ complementing products.

I went for the Cloud Factory Gentle Foaming Cleanser because I wanted to start fresh. I also got the Bounce Back Balancing Toner because I’m trying to focus on evening out my skin tone. This one is formulated with niacinamide to help with that.

Finally, they also have a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen mist! If you’re not into using sunscreen, you need to get your hands on this. It leaves no white cast and a non-greasy finish. Plus, the mist helps it sit well with makeup, making it perfect for sunscreen touch-ups throughout the day.

Even with the add-on products, my skincare routine was still half the time and effort as before! Not to mention, I was saving tons of money every month.

Better skin days ahead…

I love how easy it is to go through my Yours routine. It takes less than five minutes to complete it, costs less than $100, and the products would last you more than 2 months easily.

My skin feels more subtle, calm, and glowy. While I still have a few spots left, the difference has been outstanding.

Before Yours, I spent hours researching, reading, and figuring out the best products to incorporate into my routine. With Yours, I just answered the quiz online, uploaded a selfie,  and waited for my personalized routine to arrive at my doorstep.

No more second-guessing my skincare choices, spending hundreds on wasted products, and no more arguing with my husband about counter space in the bathroom (IYKYK)!