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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Was Gifted This Weighted Blanket – Here’s Why I’m Stealing the Idea

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoDec 8, 2022In Partnership With Hush Blankets

When I was gifted this Hush Knit Weighted Blanket, it honestly felt kind of random. Looking back, that’s when my life really began. All the lofty promises Hush dangles are absolutely, positively true for me: my nighttime anxiety has dissipated, my sleep is more restful, and I smile every time I’m wrapped in this thing. I’ll never say no to a serotonin boost! I’m about to blast you with everything I love about this knit weighted blanket–and, therefore, why it makes the absolute best gift ever. Are you ready?

My Get-to-Sleep-Quick Scheme

I’ve always said that sleep is my superpower, and it wasn’t unusual for me to get 9 hours of nighttime sleep for the first 29 years of my life. That all came crashing down when I became a mother, and even after the early months of waking all through the night, I was struck with insomnia as my mind raced down every avenue of worry. Blanketing myself in the cushiony weight and super-touchable minky feel of this velour throw was actually magical. I’m not saying a warm hug can solve all my problems, but a warm hug all through the night from this blanket did solve one of my biggest struggles. I felt secure, which triggered a sense of ease that allowed me to slip into sleep within minutes like in the olden days. It literally worked on Night 1 and has continued to be the case ever since.

This is a huge deal, people! Not only was I relieved to be getting the sleep I needed again, I was also struck with this odd sense of feeling proud. It was a return to my identity. My superpower was back.

My husband’s favorite part of this Hush Knit Weighted Blanket is the size: it’s 48 x 72 inches, which means it’s wide enough to share with someone on the couch or a king size, but also narrow enough to let your feet get a little air. A really well-thought-out shape, I think.

It’s Really Beautiful, TBH

I think we can all agree that the chunky knit of this blanket is attractive. I got the Grey color because I really like how the neutral color provides contrast against my orange living room walls. They also offer bolder colors, like Navy Blue and Dusty Rose, if you’re looking to spice up your neutral decor. Either way, the Hush Knit Weighted Blanket looks very inviting, both spread at the bottom of a bed and slung over the couch in a perfectly imperfect mess of comfort. It’s kind of comical hauling 15 pounds of blanket back and forth between my couch and bed, but it’s so worth it! Although, since I’m about to place a huge order to gift these blankets to everyone I love, I may just have to snag an extra for myself.

These Hush Knit Weighted Blankets are handmade with a sewing and weaving process that takes 5 hours to complete. Knowing that a labor of love brought this blanket to life that makes it all the cozier and lovelier.

You know what made me choose Hush over the rest? For every 10 sold, they donate 1 to a person in need. It makes me teary every time I think about someone needing a blanket, and having their world changed by the quality, comfort, and security of one of these.

So, Yeah, Everyone’s Getting One This Year

I’ve scaled back my holiday shopping list to include fewer people, and this lucky inner circle is about to have their lives changed. My experience with my Hush Knit Weighted Blanket—AKA the Best Gift Ever—has meant reduced anxiety, allowing me to fall asleep easily, it’s meant peaceful sleep through the night, and it’s meant elevated style in my home’s coziest spots. Don’t like it? Return the blanket to Hush, no questions asked, with their 100-night guarantee (Hush also tries to donate as many returned blankets as possible with their GiveBack program). Win, win, and win.