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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Used Makeup Geared Toward Younger People to Recapture My Youth. That Didn’t Work, But Here’s What Did.

Hallie Rosenthal
ByHallie RosenthalDec 22, 2022In Partnership With Prime Prometics

As I’m approaching my 50s, I’m discovering a lot of things about aging that nobody talks about. We hear about getting Botox and filler regularly, but thinning lashes are new territory for me. I tried lash tints, but I couldn’t believe I had to sit for an hour with my eyes glued shut to prevent dye from getting into my eyes. Magnetic lashes don’t work for me, either–they are hard to apply, and I’m constantly afraid they are going to be hanging or lifting. Because of this, I prefer to stick to eye makeup to enhance my eyes, but so much eye makeup contains harsh, irritating ingredients.

PrimePrometics’ PrimeLash Mascara has been on my radar ever since my friend recommended it for older women, because it’s a clean beauty formula that supports your natural lash health as you age, too. Here’s what happened when I tried it for myself.

Enter PrimePrometics’  PrimeLash Mascara

Right away, this mascara checks all the boxes for me. It’s all natural, vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and falls into the clean beauty category, so I’m not nervous putting this near my eyes. Many mascaras have harsh ingredients that irritate my maturing eyes, so a lot of drugstore and even high-end brands don’t work for me. Not only is PrimeLash good for you, but it’s also lengthening, volumizing, and buildable–it’s everything you wish your standard mascara would be!

Ingredients aside, does it actually work? I can confidently say that PrimePrometics’ PrimeLash stands out for a variety of reasons. The wand is stiff, which helps to separate the lashes as you apply the mascara–that feature makes this an automatic winner.

Also, PrimeLash a moisturizing water-based formula (vs. oil-based like most mascara products), so it doesn’t clump. It also doesn’t flake, which eliminates skin and eye irritation.

Because the formula is water-based, it has a neutral pH which makes it kinder to sensitive eye areas, which many older women have. Waterproof mascaras cause irritation and contain harsh ingredients that make your lashes brittle, so PrimeLash isn’t waterproof. I love that PrimePrometics values my lash health and delivers a product that makes my thinning lashes look incredible. There aren’t many mascaras that are catered towards women in their 50s and beyond, and PrimeLash seriously delivers on making sure it flatters your eyes, skin, and complexion as you age.

The Results

After a week of using this product, I noticed that my lashes seemed healthier overall–they’re moisturized and I’ve seen less lash breakage! I love layering the different colors, too: PrimeLash is available in black, brown and navy for different looks. My lashes look long and full and my eyes really pop! Best of all, my eyes aren’t irritated, and I don’t find myself needing to take it off immediately at the end of the day like I do with other mascaras.

My Final Thoughts

If you have thinning lashes (or not) and are looking for a product that won’t smudge, adds volume and lengthens, and supports your lash health, PrimeLash is 100% for you. I love that I can apply my makeup and leave the house without worrying about panda eyes throughout the day, but I’m also super impressed that PrimeLash supports my aging eyes, which really makes it stand apart from other mascaras out there.