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My Subscription Addiction

I Tried Tom Brady’s Hero Bread. Here’s How It Went.

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereDec 27, 2022In Partnership With Hero Bread

Sandwiches are my go-to for a delicious quick meal. Unfortunately, carbs give me brain fog. When I found a nutritious ultra-low-net-carb solution with that real bread taste, Hero Bread was all I could talk about. (Knowing health nut all-star quarterback extraordinaire Tom Brady backed this brand and the fact that their options have rave reviews helped, too.) Here are some of my favorite Hero Breads so far:

The Hero Croissant Box

My favorite kind of bread is a croissant for a reason. It’s so light and fluffy and buttery…yum! Hero Croissants have 27 layers of buttery and flaky goodness with 0g sugar, 2g net carbs, 10 grams protein, and 21 grams fiber.

The Hero Croissant Box comes with a cutting board, bread knife, and four sandwich picks to use on your twelve generously sized croissants any way you want. These were offered as a limited-time holiday gift, so check back often at hero.co for special drops and get them while you can! It’s pretty unique for a low-net carb product to be so delicious–I wasn’t even missing the full-carb versions I used to eat.

Hero Classic White Bread

I’m always skeptical about trying the latest ‘no-carb’ alternative white bread. The taste and texture are surprisingly difficult to get right, but The Hero Classic White Bread surprised me in a good way. The surface toasts well and the texture doesn’t disintegrate mid-bite. It’s zero sugar, 5g of fiber, 11g of fiber, and only 45 calories per slice (all nutrition facts are listed per slice, tortilla, or bun).

Hero Flour Tortillas

The key to a top-notch tortilla is all about flexibility. If you can’t wrap it, is it even a tortilla? Hero Flour Tortilla has enough soft give for me to make bomb fajitas, burritos, or wraps with 0g net carbs and zero sugar. You can get these 80-calorie tortillas in a four-pack of 8 or an eight-pack of 8 order.

Hero Seeded Bread

Sometimes I buy multigrain bread just to feel extra healthy. I wasn’t expecting to find an even healthier low-carb alternative with Hero Seeded Bread. The texture is the same as traditional multigrain bread with only 60 calories and zero sugar. I’m thoroughly impressed that the 1 gram of net carbs, 6 grams of protein, and 12 grams of fiber still tastes like full-grain bread.

Hero Grilling Sidekick Bundle

Guilt-free BBQ buns? Yes, please! Hero Bread made this Grilling Sidekick Bundle that I can’t wait to share this summer. The bundle includes three 4-packs of burger buns and two 4-packs of hot dog buns with zero net carbs, zero sugar, 10g of protein, and 21g of fiber that even my keto friends can enjoy.