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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Tried The Teeth Whitening System That’s All Over TikTok. These Are My Thoughts.

Evan Barbosa
ByEvan BarbosaNov 9, 2022In partnership with SNOW

I love a TikTok trend as much as the next person, but I’ll be honest — I had some doubts when I noticed a teeth whitening system all over my FYP. I’ve tried just about every teeth whitening kit out there, but there’s always a catch. It doesn’t actually whiten my teeth or it takes forever to show results, the system is messy and complicated, or it takes a lot of time out of my day to use.

So, I was certainly wondering if the Snow whitening kit I’ve seen all over TikTok was really as great as it seemed online. From the affordable price point to what looked like promising results with an easy-to-use system, I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a shot. Here’s what I thought about Snow’s At Home Teeth Whitening Kit and the Extra Strength Whitening Serum wand.

It Was Easier To Use Than I Expected

In the past, I’ve given up on whitening kits after only a few uses because they were difficult to use or made a complete mess with gels and solutions. I was so surprised by how easy Snow’s At Home Whitening Kit was to use.

There are just four easy steps, including brushing my teeth and rinsing. No syringes or gels that got all over my mouth (and sink…). Instead, I could just apply the whitening serum directly onto my teeth, then plug in the advanced LED whitening accelerating mouthpiece. I didn’t have to plug it into a wall or stay in the bathroom, so I could get back to scrolling through TikTok while the serum and mouthpiece worked their magic.

I Had No Pain or Discomfort

Things like drinking a hot cup of tea or eating a bowl of ice cream can make my teeth and gums feel sensitive, and many teeth whitening products I’ve tried previously gave me that same uncomfortable sensation (and even made the sensitivity worse after use). Snow develops its whitening products with sensitivity in mind, and I loved that I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort while using my LED toothbrush, the whitening serums, or the LED mouthpiece, even after multiple sessions.

It Didn’t Take As Long As I Thought

A professional teeth whitening session takes about an hour, and many at-home kits also require an hour per day to really work. That’s fine every now and then, but spending an hour on teeth whitening every day really adds up.

Snow’s innovative products require only 10 to 30 minutes a day to work. After brushing my teeth with the LED Electric Toothbrush, I simply applied the whitening serum, then used the LED mouthpiece for up to 30 minutes. I loved the flexibility–on days I was in a rush, I could just whiten for 10 minutes, but if I had the time and was hoping for even faster results, I’d do the full 30.

My Teeth Were Whiter In Just a Couple Sessions

Even with the short whitening sessions, I noticed my teeth were 3-4 shades whiter after the first couple of uses. I loved the Extra Strength Whitening Serum wand, which I used with the LED mouthpiece for 20 to 30 minutes for even more impressive results in less time. As an added bonus, there was no sensitivity to my gums or teeth at all.

I Achieved Professional Results Without the Professional Cost

Now, I can’t help but smile at everyone I see, because I really am confident in how bright my smile is. My teeth are as white as they’d be after a professional teeth whitening session, but instead of spending $1,000 or more per professional session, I achieved the same results at a fraction of the cost.

Does Snow Live Up To Its Online Fame?

I had my doubts when I started using Snow’s At Home Whitening Kit, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least try it. And I’m so glad I did. My teeth have never looked better, and it hasn’t cost me a fortune in dental bills to achieve these results. Plus, with results after only a couple short sessions, why not give it a shot? My smile says it all—Snow really does deserve the hype.