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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Tried The Famous TikTok Coffee. Here’s How It Went.

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereNov 11, 2022In partnership with Javy Coffee

Literally every single time I open TikTok, I see someone new raving about Javy Coffee. I’ll admit it, I’m one of the coffee drinkers they always talk about that still uses coffee pods. I've been looking for something to replace coffee pods (and my expensive Starbucks trips), so I decided to give Javy a try. I was surprised by how much I liked it and that it lived up to the TikTok hype. Here's why:

1. I Can Make any Coffee in Literally Seconds

Coffee pods were never something that I actually enjoyed. They were always more of a convenience and affordability thing for me, but I didn't love the taste and they took a few minutes to make. Not to mention, I really started to enjoy making cold brews, which you just can't do with coffee pods.

Enter Javy: Javy Coffee has up to 30 servings of tasty coffee in one small bottle, with a super convenient spout that makes it easy to pour into water or milk. If you don’t remember from seeing Javy all over TikTok, you just need to pour 1-2 teaspoons into milk or water for a perfect cup of coffee - that's it, you're done in just a few seconds. Javy makes it so easy to make any style coffee you want hot or cold in an instant. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from or you can keep it super simple and drink it black. I personally love a nice oat milk latte or cold brew, but that’s just me.

2. They Have Delicious Flavors and I Can't Get Enough of the Taste

I’m pretty obsessed with Javy’s different flavors and taste. The Caramel and French Vanilla flavors are by far my absolute favorites and remind me of why I fell in love with the taste of coffee to begin with. Aside from their staple flavors, every season they drop some really fun limited release flavors. Javy’s Pumpkin Spice was my favorite fall flavor, and I’m really excited to see their winter drops!

3. Sustainability From Crop to Cup

The world has seen too much destruction from single use plastic. Between coffee pods and coffee shops there has been no shortage of waste in the last 20+ years. I am so excited to finally be drinking coffee from a brand that values sustainability. Aside from Javy’s reusable glass packaging, they are also focused on building a supply chain that’s rooted in sustainability.

4. They Have Unbeatable Pricing

Part of the reason why it was hard to give up coffee pods was because they are so cheap, especially compared to my $5 daily coffee trip. However, Javy has some amazing introductory deals. I was able to lock-in 67% OFF along with a lot of free gifts. I am pretty much making all the coffee I want for around $0.60 a cup, which is amazing (and even cheaper than my coffee pod habit).

Does Javy Live up to the Hype?

Overall, I am totally onboard with Javy. The convenience, accessibility, and sustainability are what make Javy the future of coffee. I’ve officially removed all coffee makers from my house (which cleared up a ton of counter space), and I’m ready for some Limited Releases dropping again this Winter. It’s safe to say TikTok isn’t wrong – Javy 100% lives up to the hype!