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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Tried Everything From Calorie Counting to Keto to Intermittent Fasting in the Name of Weight Loss–But Only 1 Thing Worked For Me

David Jake
ByDavid JakeJan 2, 2023In Partnership With Nutrisystem

When the guy with the jokes is the grouchiest in the room, you know something’s up. So what was wrong? I was intermittent fasting, and my energy levels were on the floor. It got to the point where my coworkers were genuinely concerned for me and said I wasn’t acting like myself.

Weight loss shouldn’t be that way—it might be a challenge, sure, but working toward a healthier you should be something to celebrate. Things shifted for me when I started Nutrisystem. It had me changing some habits, but not overhauling my lifestyle. Here are some things that set Nutrisystem apart from other weight loss approaches, and why it's the reason I finally lost the weight:

One Less Thing to Think About

Theoretically, there’s more than one way to meet your weight loss goals, but for me personally, nothing ever seemed to stick. Calorie counting requires so many calculations. As someone who works in finance, I live in a world of calculations, but when it’s time for my lunch break, I’d rather just sit and eat. Turn the brain off for a few. Since I don’t cook all my meals, it was tricky for me to find Keto foods that catered to that diet, and it felt restrictive to avoid entire food groups. Intermittent fasting had me feeling hungry and lacking focus as I started my workdays.

Contrary to all of this, Nutrisystem sends me a monthly box of balanced breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that I can just heat and eat, and know I’m getting the right variety and portions for my goals. They also have Hearty Inspirations® dinners that control hunger for hours. The portions are big and keep me fuller and more satisfied. My favorites so far are the Chicken Bianca Pizza and the Asian-Style Salmon. I like to let the chef choose my meals for me, but if you want, you can select your meals from their menu. It’s like healthy takeout in your freezer!

Pairs Well With Other Efforts

It’s said that weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise. So, eating right is a big part of the picture. If you download the Nutrisystem NuMi® app you can easily track your meals and movement, get great visuals of your goals and progress, sync up with your Fitbit, and more. The Fitbit part is huge for me, because I have big gym goals in my future but I’m not there yet. Right now I focus on getting as much movement as I can, which on the longest workdays, might look like choosing a parking spot farther from my destination or taking a walk on my lunch break. But since I have my nutritious meals sorted now, and am seeing how little effort it’s taking, I’m surprised and delighted that I might be able to focus my attention on fitness sooner than I pictured.

That said, my favorite part about their NuMi® app is the SmartAdapt functionality. As I lose weight and experience changes in my activity levels, it adapts to my metabolism and helps me avoid those pesky weight loss plateaus.

My Sustainable Solution

Simply put, Nutrisystem feels like a realistic long-term solution for me. As someone who used to eat a lot of drive-thru meals, takeout and other impulsive options, I find these frozen meals to be easy and cost-effective substitutes. It’s exciting to finally see some of the weight come off after trying so many different diets. The day when my goal is met finally feels within reach!