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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Thought Tone It Up Would Be Just Another Fitness App – Here’s Where it Proved Me Wrong

Amy Sun
ByAmy SunAug 8, 2022In Partnership With Tone it up

Picture this: me, wading through the dark depths of the app store, looking for a fitness program that I would actually like. After what felt like an endless search of pages upon pages of fitness programs, meal plans, and branded communities, I came across Tone It Up. It’s a subscription-based fitness program app with on-demand videos, including a featured workout of the day, lifestyle recommendations, and an on-demand library. It was even featured in Apple’s App of the Day as the #1 Fitness Program For Women. Needless to say, I thought Tone It Up was going to be another fitness app that doesn’t help me reach my fitness goals. Here’s where it proved me wrong in the best ways:

The Easiest Fitness App I’ve Ever Used

I have a love-hate relationship with apps, especially when they claim to keep track of my daily workouts, meal plans, and weekly progress - but don’t. Tone It Up surprised me with how easy it is to organize my daily workouts and fitness programs, get lifestyle and recipe inspiration, and connect with the TIU community for some much-appreciated moral support. The app lays everything out in one of the cleanest designs I’ve seen in a fitness app. I loved that I could schedule a workout ahead of time or mark it as a favorite for another day. In a nutshell, there are no guessing games. Open the app, scroll to your day’s scheduled workout, screencast it, and press play!

The Workouts Actually Work

The workouts are genuinely fun! The videos were engaging and kept me focused, especially the ones with a beach background. I wish I could go to a beach and work out at sunset every day. And, if you have a big screen, you can enjoy that scenery by casting the videos for a much more enjoyable experience. My favorite workout right now is the Arms On Fire workout video because my upper body is loving the attention. The workouts on the user-friendly app have made my workout more fun and way easier to stay consistent.

Instructors That Make Fitness Fun

I can see why the founders (and boss business besties) of Tone It Up, Karena and Katrina, have a fitness empire on their hands. Whenever they lead a routine, it was so much fun to watch them work out. It made me want to have fun along with them every time! The success of their Youtube channel of the same name and their 2014 Bravo fitness reality show Toned Up clearly resonated with a specific audience of women looking for real results from real people who have real fun. It intrigued me to see if I could find the results I was after in a stronger upper body and better endurance. But all of the instructors on Tone It Up were incredibly energetic and motivating. I learned something new from each instructor and their enthusiasm was refreshing.

Going Beyond Appearance

The value of Tone It Up goes beyond appearance. As personal trainers, these women share their experience and knowledge of the best movements to get stronger and ways to stay flexible. Katrina struggled with weight issues since she was young while Karena said focusing on getting healthier ultimately saved her life. We all want to look great, but it’s about becoming the healthier version of yourself. For me, it’s a valuable reminder as a woman and a content creator to take care of myself from the inside out.

Final Thoughts

​​My perception of fitness apps has been turned totally upside down after using Tone It Up. I see myself sticking with the simple and fun workout plans to support my longer term fitness goals since the app makes it so easy to create good habits. ​​

Tone It Up has a 7-day free trial with an annual price billed after that of $99.99 (cheaper than your average gym membership). There’s also a monthly payment option for $14.99/month. So, don’t wait - check out your free trial today!

Amy Sun
Amy Sun

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