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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Thought I Just Had Acne-Prone Skin – See How Silvi’s Anti-Acne Pillowcase Proved Me Wrong

Sarah Sarsby
BySarah SarsbyFeb 7, 2023In Partnership With Silvi

Maintaining good skin health has always been a priority for me. As someone with acne-prone skin, investing in products that help reduce the number of breakouts I have is really important. Buying skincare products can be expensive and complicated–there’s so much decision fatigue and plenty of products that don’t work.An unknown acne-fighting trick? Your pillowcase.

Yep, recent studies have revealed your ordinary cotton pillowcases allow bacteria to flourish, while other fabrics fight it with a vengeance. Silvi’s Anti-Acne Pillowcase is one of those things. Silvi’s Anti-Acne Pillowcase uniquely promises to eliminate 99.7% of bacteria linked to acne and topical skin concerns.

Although I was skeptical about whether it would help my skin at first, I’ve honestly been blown away by my newfound clear skin!

My Acne-Prone Skin Has Never Been Clearer!

My skin is quite prone to breakouts, especially as I have oily skin. I always thought acne was a skin condition that was somewhat out of my control. And I especially never imagined that one of the biggest problems could be as simple as the pillowcase I sleep on.

Unless you’re frequently washing your cotton pillowcase, chances are, this fabric breeds bacteria, dirt, and other allergens. The Silvi pillowcase, on the other hand, has been specially treated with antibacterial silver ions to eliminate 99.7% of bacteria linked to acne and other topical skin concerns, resulting in less acne and clogged pores!

Switching to Silvi proved that the material my pillowcase is made from was aggravating my acne-prone skin! After sleeping on it for a few weeks, my acne is already significantly reduced. My skin feels less oily, I have far fewer breakouts, and my skin overall looks and feels way healthier. Any red and inflamed spots have completely disappeared. Plus, if I do get the odd breakout now, it’s way less irritated and clears up a lot faster.

The Silky Fabric is the Most Comfortable Pillowcase I've Slept On

Another major positive of the Silvi silk pillowcase is that the fabric is so comfortable. It’s twice as smooth as cotton and feels so cushiony on my skin. The Silvi pillowcase is 22 Momme, 6A Mulberry Silk–aka, it has the highest possible quality rating. The luxe silk texture makes going to bed every night feel an enjoyable and luxurious experience. The hidden zipper makes it look totally seamless, too.

The silk material is four times more breathable than cotton, and the silk regulates your temperature, so you’re never too hot or too cold.

There are benefits beyond this incredible acne-fighting tool, too: I have mild rosacea, and since the silk is non-irritating and doesn’t absorb all of those amazing products you’ve just put on your skin, the products actually stay put and work their magic overnight. Better skin & sleep just by switching up your pillowcase? Sign me up.

It’s Easy to Care For - No Professional Cleaning Required!

One of my biggest concerns with the Silvi pillowcase was that I thought the fabric would be difficult to care for or require professional cleaning to avoid damage. This isn’t the case at all.

Washing your Silvi is actually very easy and foolproof: either hand wash it cold or set your washer to “delicate” using a pH-neutral detergent, and voila – keep the clear skin coming!

Silvi advises against tumble-drying or using fabric conditioners, and always use low heat when ironing. I can’t believe the best part of my skin care routine is really that easy.

Is It Worth The Hype? I'd Definitely Say YES!

The Silvi Anti-Acne Pillowcase is a brilliant investment. It’s genuinely helped my acne-prone skin and improved the quality of my sleep so much. If you struggle with acne and are looking for a proven way to unclog your skin, Silvi’s silk pillowcase is the answer. The pillowcase is available in standard and king sizes and a range of colors - so there’s an option for everybody!