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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I thought gum was just gum. What makes Quip’s gum so revolutionary?

Jenna Pellerin
ByJenna PellerinDec 22, 2022In partnership with quip

When I became pregnant with my first baby, I completely avoided gum because most gum contains an artificial sweetener called aspartame, which I wanted to avoid. I tried other natural gums, but they’re sweetened with cane sugar, which is bad for your teeth (and some of them tasted, well, bad). I’d sworn off gum for the foreseeable future until quip came into my life.

I’ve heard of quip from their highly-rated toothbrushes and toothpaste, but I didn’t know they also carried gum. I wrote it off at first – it’s just gum! – but then found out it uses an alternative to aspartame and cane sugar and has a super sleek dispenser, so I was intrigued. quip uses a xylitol sweetener, which is a sugar alcohol that doesn’t damage your teeth. Here are a few reasons why quip’s gum and the case – AKA the “AirPods for gum” – ultimately won me over…

1). It Helps Prevent Cavities

Since quip uses xylitol instead of sugar, I don’t need to worry about this gum contributing to cavities – you know, like the totally saccharine bubble gum from brands like Hubba Bubba and Dubble Bubble do. Instead, I get fresher breath and cleaner teeth, which is exactly what I want from the gum that I chew. In addition to being accepted by the American Dental Association, quip gum is the perfect choice to keep your mouth clean and fresh on the go, and has seriously saved my breath when it needed a little pick-me-up.

2). It has Amazing, Long-Lasting Flavor

Though I was pretty skeptical that quip’s gum could really be in a league of its own, it for sure has the edge when considering my two main must-haves: crunch and long-lasting flavor. One of my biggest gripes with natural gum companies is that they can be really hard to chew on, and they lose flavor after a minute or two. On the other hand, quip gum has an amazing candy-like crunch in the beginning, and doesn’t lose its minty flavor quickly like other natural gums. Also, instead of chewing several pieces to get the same fresh breath, you only need one piece (which is a win for my wallet, too). You’ll also save when you buy in bulk!

3). It’s Like AirPods for Gum

The gum comes in an easy to dispense, reusable, and compact container. It easily fits in your pocket or bag, and the one-click gum dispenser (which reminds me of a PEZ dispenser) adds a never-before-seen level of convenience, as it holds 10 pieces of gum. quip also has a ton of different color choices, like Silver and All-Pink, plus several subscription plans that will deliver the refills directly to your door. This is a life-saver for people like me, who always forget to pick up a pack of gum at the store (and are super picky about the options available to boot). Also, buying store-bought gum is wasteful–quip’s gum packs are delivered in a recyclable box, so you can kiss wasteful plastic packs goodbye.

Why I’ll Always Choose quip Gum

Though it might sound silly, quip gum really isn’t just gum. It’s reminiscent of the candy dispensers from my childhood, but in a completely grown-up and sleek package. Having convenient refills delivered to your door completely removes the thought of adding gum to your shopping list, and now I can introduce “chewing gum” back into my oral health care routine without worrying about added chemicals and sugars!