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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Thought a Comforter Was Just a Comforter, But Then I Gave In and Tried The One Everyone is Raving About – Now I Finally Get It

Lindsey Morse
ByLindsey MorseSep 6, 2022In Partnership With Buffy

Look, don’t get me wrong. I’ve always viewed my bedroom (and bed) as a sort of oasis. I love tossing on my PJs at the end of a long day, flinging my tired body onto my mattress, and letting the worries of the day dissipate. But I never really put much thought into my comforter until I started seeing people buzzing about the Buffy Cloud Comforter in my social feed. My favorite bloggers were raving about how the comforter was “cloudlike,” how it offers “supreme coziness,” and how they felt like they were sleeping in a “floofy cocoon.” Floofy cocoon? I was sold… And let me tell you what: this is one of those times that my insta-friends were right.

Based on the reviews I was seeing, I knew I wanted to try the comforter, but I ended up adding on the Eucalyptus Duvet Cover, too, because by bundling the items I was able to save 30% off retail. Here’s what you need to know about this fan-favorite bedding:

Down is overrated.

Before Buffy, I always slept with a down comforter because I thought that was the best way to ensure a soft and cozy sleepytime experience. I thought down was the best, so I always bought down. I was shocked to find that Buffy’s sustainable ultra-hyped comforter features a TENCEL™ lyocell shell and recycled PET filling. And yet, this vegan alternative is somehow softer, fluffier, and comfier than down. When you toss it on the bed, it billows. Even better is that you can sleep more soundly knowing that your bedding is cruelty-free. Not only are no duckies being plucked for your coziness, but each Buffy Cloud Comforter is actually made with 50 upcycled plastic bottles.

You only need one comforter.

Growing up, my mom always had two sets of bedding: cotton sheets and a light duvet for the summertime and flannel sheets, a blanket, and a heavier duvet for when the temperature dropped. When I moved out and started dressing my own bed, I followed suit, but the extra set took up a lot of closet space I– quite frankly– did not have to spare. One of the things that initially caught my attention is that the Buffy Cloud Comforter is designed for all-season use. It’s a good weight and yet manages to breathe in the warmer months and keep the heat locked in when it’s chilly.

When paired with the Eucalyptus Duvet Cover, which I snagged in my bundle, you add an additional layer of comfort: cool, silky fabric that’s the product equivalent of sliding your leg over into the cold side of the bed when you’re feeling too warm. The Cloud Comforter + Eucalyptus Duvet is a dream team that will keep you snoozing soundly all night long.

Your duvet cover matters.

But let’s talk more about duvet covers. First of all, you need one. Even though Buffy comforters are machine washable, a great-looking duvet cover adds a touch of personality to your bedroom and completes the whole bedding ensemble. It will also help you sleep better. I love how the Eucalyptus cover feels against my skin, and– as an occasional hot sleeper– I appreciate that TENCEL™ lyocell fiber wicks away moisture better than traditional cotton. I never wake up feeling sticky– the cover keeps me cool and dry.

Great bedding doesn’t need to break the bank.

It’s not hard to spend a lot on bedding, but you don’t have to. If you opt for a high-end down comforter, you could spend $500 or more. But the Buffy Cloud Comforter starts at only $109.65, and if you bundle it with a Duvet Cover or Sheets, you’ll save 30%.

So what are you waiting for? Take it from me (and everyone in my social media feed): the Buffy Cloud Comforter is the comforter you didn’t know you were missing.