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My Subscription Addiction

I Struggled With Arthritis Pain Until I Discovered This Fast-Acting Topical Gel

Tam Bittner
ByTam BittnerSep 28, 2022In Partnership With Capsiva

Any other pickleball lovers out there? Playing pickleball is my happy place. Just recently I was remembering the time I had plans to meet my daughter and her fiancé for the first time on the court, and as it neared, I felt certain I’d have to cancel our plan due to arthritis pain. How embarrassing—I felt like such an old lady.

The best part about this memory is that it actually became one; it was so close to being just another canceled date. My secret weapon? Capsiva gel, a.k.a. my favorite way to knock out arthritis pain without that awful menthol smell giving me away and making my kids feel concerned.

The Game Changer For My Arthritis

Over the years I’d met with doctors who would usually try to overmedicate me with Aleve. (And that’s not what I wanted to do!) So when a friend said she’d recently picked up a new product for her husband and it was providing him pain relief, I knew that I had to try it.

When I found Capsiva, I wasn’t sure if a homeopathic pain reliever could be expected to actually work. But, I’ll try anything to combat arthritis pain! I was so pleasantly surprised to learn that this topical gel is fast-acting and effective.

Let me explain the things I’ve discovered since I picked up my first tube of Capsiva:

  • Being a topical formula, Capsiva isn’t a long-term remedy for chronic pain, but it provides nearly immediate relief when flare-ups feel insurmountable.
  • Capsiva gel has the best consistency I've ever tried. It rubs in without leaving a sticky feeling or residue. I feel a little cooling sensation in the area where I applied the gel.
  • The number-one best feature—other than that it works, of course—is that there isn't a menthol smell. Smelling like a peppermint isn’t for me.
  • On top of being non-greasy, unscented, and heat-free, this product also has no known side effects.
  • The active ingredients are Capsicum Annuum (containing Capsaicin), a plant-derived molecule that’s commonly used to relieve minor joint pain, and Arnica Montana, an herb that’s been used since the 1500s to treat minor muscle aches.

To imagine that I could use this pain reliever up to three times a day without suffering in other ways gave me hope. With the option of a 3 oz tube or 3 oz roll-on, Capsiva is a convenient option that offers real, risk-free relief. After regular use, I can now say I’ll always have Capsiva by my side.