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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Pulled Out of the Trojan Game and Switched to P.S. Condoms – Here’s Why

Jessie Smith
ByJessie SmithAug 17, 2022In Partnership with P.S.

What is the perfect condom? For me the answer is simple — one that doesn’t take away from the best feeling in the world. I want to feel that real, close connection with my partner — I don’t want to even think about a rubber barrier between us.

I’ve used Trojan for years but there’s a new kid in town! P.S. condoms are strong, clean-smelling, smooth, and so thin it feels like you’re not even wearing one. In fact, they’re 15% thinner than Trojan’s “ultra thin” condom and 40% thinner than standard.

Wearing a P.S. condom is as close as you can get to wearing nothing at all. If that’s not enough of a selling point, here are five more reasons why I highly recommend switching to P.S. condoms:


We all want to perform at our best, and that means knowing that you’re wearing the best. P.S. condoms, despite being the smoothest and thinnest condoms, actually exceed FDA strength requirements.

That means I get to be worry-free and stay in the moment with my partner.

A vegan rubber doesn’t smell like rubber.

What’s less sexy than ripping open a condom packet and getting a noseful of that nasty, rubbery condom smell? I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t really want my bed to smell like a tire retreading shop. Total turn-off, right? Thankfully P.S. condoms don't smell at all, so there’s no unsexy distraction.

How do they manage that? Well, here’s a little known fact: most latex condoms contain something called casein, which is a dairy byproduct. Together with other unnatural ingredients, this causes most condoms to stink. P.S. condoms are different -- 100% vegan, clean, clear, and odorless.

Safer sex, naturally.

The harsh, unnatural ingredients in most condoms can cause discomfort for your partner. P.S. condoms are less irritating than other condom brands. Left out are the weird ingredients commonly found in other brands’ condoms: the parabens, glycerin, casein, BPAs, and who knows what other funky stuff that you really don’t want covering your most sensitive area.

P.S. also offers organic aloe lube made with 100% natural plant-based ingredients. Completely safe with latex condoms and silicone toys, this is some good lube.

Rip, roll, ride.

The unsexy starts right away with most other condoms. Those little packs, man — why are they such a pain to open, especially when you’re kinda distracted and your hands might be a little (let’s be real) slippery? I don’t want to be wrestling with a Trojan when I should be focusing on my partner.

Thankfully, P.S. condom packs are easy to rip open, even with lubricious fingers and your mind on more important matters.

P.S. design outperforms the Trojan box.

Delivered in the mail every month, P.S. packaging looks as good as their condoms feel. The box is as sleek on my bedside table as my iPhone. Just flip open the lid with one hand — leaving the other free — and take out an easy-to-open pack.

Let’s Wrap It Up

I highly recommend switching to P.S. condoms. The feeling of safety, comfort, connection, and pleasure — that’s what P.S. condoms offer, without the bad, unsexy smell of other regular condoms.

Forget Trojan. If you and your partner want that natural feeling, then subscribe to P.S. condoms and let the good times roll!