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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Only Visit the Doctor Once a Year with Tia–Here’s Why

Lauren Nowicki
ByLauren NowickiOct 4, 2022In Partnership With Tia

I think most women out there know what it feels like to have a doctor’s appointment coming up on their calendar. The anxiety of poking, prodding, serious questions, and even just hopping onto that scale is enough to cause irregular heartbeats and headaches. Even worse? The uncomfortable, sterile doctor’s office environment. Luckily, I discovered a totally new approach to healthcare with Tia that's made going to the doctor actually, dare I say, actually enjoyable.

Tia Makes Medical Visits Easy

One of the aspects of Tia that I was the most excited about was online booking through their member portal. It might seem like a minor thing, but anyone who has waited for an hour on hold with their doctor’s office front desk knows that pain. And then waiting for possibly months to even get your foot in the door? It’s a big inconvenience.

Creating separate appointments for all of my needs–my yearly well women’s visit, a standard physical, plus mental health–is a huge hassle. I’ve historically had concerns with stress, nutrition, and sleep, and the The Tia Whole Health Exam rolls all of my routine visits into one bespoke in-clinic appointment, so I can answer these (oftentimes related!) questions all at once.

If you need to check in with your medical professionals but are not sure you need an in-person appointment, Tia members also have access to unlimited monthly messaging services, personal care coordinators, and access to community and educational events.

Tia is Warm, Inviting, and Inclusive

What would your yearly checkup be like if it happened inside the home of your super knowledgeable BFF? What if I told you that your Tia visit felt more like a wellness retreat, complete with cozy waiting areas, delicious refreshments, and a staff that made you feel secure and welcome? Well, that is exactly how my experience was when I visited the Tia office in Silver Lake.

From the second I walked through the door, I felt oddly at home; a sensation that is unlike any previous doctor appointment. The plush couches, sun-drenched balcony, fizzy waters, and mini-library immediately put me at ease. Also worth noting? The gender-inclusive bathrooms, custom examination robes (and socks!), and how each clinician truly listens to you and provides affirming and option-based care.

Tia is Whole-Health Focused

I think we have all experienced the frustration of endless intake forms and miscommunications across all of the offices we have to visit for different medical concerns. One of my favorite aspects of Tia is that it’s a one-stop shop. Instead of focusing on body parts or symptoms, Tia zooms out to understand the whole picture of your health – physical, mental, and emotional. All of my medical info is centralized across their providers, which gives my Care Team a complete view of my medical records, clinical notes, and care plans with less room for errors or missing details.

Scheduling a plethora of appointments throughout the year stresses me out. Tia recognizes that women’s health is interconnected and nuanced–my mental and social wellness have greatly improved since visiting my doctor at Tia. You can visit for general checkups, gynecological visits, mental health, and even more specialized treatments like massage and acupuncture.

Tia is the Future

The only real downside to Tia that I can think of is that it has raised the bar so high for me personally in terms of office visits. No one else can compare! Unlike many other medical companies, Tia lets me use my own health insurance, meaning superior care with the same insurance benefits.

After my first wellness visit, I know that I have found the perfect place to address questions related to family history, exercise, metabolism, and more. With Tia supporting me, I feel completely empowered to take charge of my own health.