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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Never Thought of Myself as a ‘Beer Person’ Until I Met this Brewery

Lindsey Morse
ByLindsey MorseOct 31, 2022In Partnership With The Bruery

I’ve always associated beer with college. Like a lot of students, Friday nights for me back then were often filled with pitchers full of cheap beer. As I got older, my tastes evolved: I swapped Bud Light for Old Fashioneds, Napa Cabs, and whatever latest concoction my local mixologist might have on special. I grew up, and I figured I’d outgrown beer for good. But then I met The Bruery. Here’s why this innovative brewery changed the way I think about beer and has converted me to being a beer person:

1. I Love the Big Bold Flavors...I Really Enjoy the Taste of This Beer

So many lagers and pilsners are pretty lackluster when it comes to taste. One of the reasons why I grew to like wine is because of the big and complex flavors. (The watery beer I used to put in my beer pong cups couldn’t hold a candle to a jammy Zinfandel or citrusy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.) Beer, by comparison, always just seemed a little blah, but every bottle from The Bruery raises my eyebrows and balks my expectations. From maple and blueberry beer (inspired by pancakes) to milk stout aged in bourbon barrels and flavored with vanilla bean, the flavors are always unexpected and unforgettable. Definitely not your daddy’s Yuengling.

2. They Have the Most Innovative Concoctions

I’m always on the lookout for something utterly new, which is one of the reasons why I tend to skip the beer aisle. It’s rare I find something there that feels fresh and different. (Don’t come for me, but I truly think if you’ve tried one IPA you’ve tried them all.) By contrast, I’m dazzled by the offerings that fill The Bruery’s virtual shelves. In the mood for something tart and fruity? How about a barrel-aged sour ale made with cherries and limes. Craving dessert? Maybe you want to try “S’moreo,” a dark stout made with marshmallows, graham crackers, vanilla, and actual chocolate sandwich cookies. The Bruery values taste over style, so they don’t limit themselves to traditional varieties. The result? The most adventurous selection I’ve ever seen.

3. I Can Get Shipments on Tap of Exclusive Limited Edition Beers

One important thing to know about The Bruery is that they make a lot of their beers in limited-batches, which means they often sell out quickly. For those who want to call “dibs!” on new releases, there’s The Reserve Society, a beer-of-the-month club that secures access to the most exclusive bottlings and coveted releases. You’ll get one large format bottle per month, plus 15% on all orders you make in the shop or online. At $325 per year (only $27 per month), it feels like a no-brainer for me–for that price, members can get more than $500+ worth of beer, depending on the chosen plan. Either way, keep in mind that spots are limited. I secured my spot as soon as I found out about it to make sure memberships didn’t sell out.

4. The Beers Are Made to Savor

Let’s get real: my days of slamming drinks are behind me. These days, I’d rather have one or two stiff drinks instead of a six pack. I like my potables, well, potent. Much like classic cocktails, many of The Bruery’s offerings have a higher ABV and are designed for sipping (and actually get better with age, much like wine!). One of my favorites is the Portified Black Tuesday, a Port barrel-aged imperial stout with Syrah grapes. This beer/wine hybrid clocks in at 17.9% ABV, and it’s perfect for savoring. It tastes like a bitter dark chocolate cherry truffle with the volume turned up to 11. I’m obsessed.

Ever since I got my hands on my first bottle from The Bruery, it’s been love at first sip. While I may still not fully identify as a “beer person,” I am 100% sure that I’m a “Bruery person.”