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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Never Thought I Would Be Wearing Makeup For Men, But Here We Are, and This is What Happened

MJ Knefel
ByMJ KnefelSep 16, 2022In Partnership With Stryx

As a person in my thirties, I know how important it is to take care of my skin. But as a nonbinary person, I’ve struggled for a long time to figure out my relationship with cosmetics. I’ve dabbled in skincare and cosmetics, but I never thought I’d wear makeup for men. My love of trying new things led me to Stryx, a cosmetics and skincare brand for men. If you’re on the fence about makeup, check this out.

Stryx was ridiculously user-friendly…

I felt a bit helpless trying to figure out some cosmetics in the past. I never felt comfortable following a skincare routine, let alone trying to use makeup. Stryx is very easy to use: I can wash my face, use the eye tool, finish with moisturizer, and head out the door in no time.

Stryx is less stressful to use than other cosmetics I’ve used in the past. The tools were super user-friendly, and I didn’t have to buy additional accessories to make sure I was doing the routine correctly. I could easily apply all the products using my fingers, which made me feel more confident and comfortable.

So far, my favorite Stryx products are the eye tool, the tinted moisturizer, and the concealer duo. The eye tool is relaxing and soothing, and both the moisturizer and the concealer give my skin a bright, refreshed look.

It helped me put my skincare on auto-pilot…

Since I’m not a skincare expert, I would only buy cosmetics on the fly. I would walk into Duane Reade, grab products on sale, and call it a day. I wasn’t consistent. If I ran out of moisturizer and the one I used was not on sale or couldn’t find it, I would go on without moisturizer until I could find it again!

Needless to say, my skin wasn’t happy about that.

Using Stryx, I can stay more consistent. I love that I can set the timeline and wait for my refills to arrive at my doorstep. No more going on without moisturizer!

I discovered makeup that doubles as skincare…

I have really fair skin, and I’ve always struggled to find makeup that matches my skin tone without making me look paler. However, I have red undertones, so it’s hard to find makeup that looks natural. After years of trying and failing to feel like women’s makeup suited me, I thought I was destined to look a little red and patchy all the time. Stryx’s tinted moisturizer gives me such a confidence boost, and it doesn’t feel heavy like some makeup does–it just feels like moisturizer! For me, the tinted moisturizer is my absolute favorite product from Stryx. I carry it with me anywhere I go.

Makeup for men can be straightforward…

After trying out Stryx for a while, I realized that makeup can be uncomplicated and easy to use as a guy. Stryx simplifies its products so there’s not much of a learning curve. From Stryx’s concealer to the brow gel and the eye tool, I didn’t feel like I had to watch a whole tutorial to use these products. Stryx has completely won me over–they make it easy to have both a skincare and a makeup routine that helps my skin look its best.