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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Let These Cirkul Flavors Get Away From Me Last Time – Now They’re Back

Did someone say FLVR LAB & limited edition bottles?

Becca Peterson
ByBecca PetersonDec 6, 2023In Partnership With Cirkul

Editor’s Note: This FLVRLAB and Bottle Drop restock is selling out FAST! We’re hearing that Kiwi Berry & Berry Blue Punch Sips are already gone, and that the Dark Titanium, Rose Gold, Matte Periwinkle, & Blue Chrome Bottle Drops have sold out. It looks like it’s getting competitive…stock up on your favorites before they’re gone for good!

Is there anything worse than when your favorites get discontinued? I think not.

Last year, I didn't stock up on nearly enough of my fave Cirkul FLVR LAB flavors, and let me just say, I've been thirsty for them... All. Year. Long. Now, it must be my birthday, because some majorly good news has dropped: Cirkul has brought back 10 FLVR LABs + 23 limited edition water bottles! And if that's not enough in the excitement department, Cirkul is offering up to 35% off orders!

The FOMO Is Real

As a long-time lover of Cirkul, I will try any FLVR LAB I can get my hands on. Sure, I've got my faves, but  there's just so many goodies to choose from! But you know how it is - once something is gone, you want it more than ever. I was crushed when a handful of them sold out last year and didn't come back... until now. They're here, with more limited edition water bottles to collect, AND I can score up to 35% my order?! Yeah, sign me up.


Cirkul drinkers know why this is a big deal, but in the event you've not yet joined this party, here's what you've been missing:

  • Cirkul is to water, as TikTok is to the internet... it makes drinking fun, interesting, and oh so tasty. With 100+ flavor profiles to choose from, you just pop in a FLVR LAB cartridge and enjoy.
  • It's helped me say "bye" to soda. These cartridges are packed with flavor without the junk. They contain NO sugar, calories, or artificial colors - just all-natural flavors that are delicious and hydrating.
  • The customization is unreal. I can adjust the flavor intensity in an instant -- some days I'm a 4, and others I'm feeling wild and go for 9. There's a flavor for every fruit you could ever want, plus iced teas, options for those with a sweet tooth, ones that include caffeine, energy, or a boost of electrolytes, and even kid-friendly flavors. I mean, it's pretty amazing that this is just water.
  • Since my first sip, I've been better hydrated, feeling healthier, and overall living my best, most delicious life.
  • The price is right at just $3.75 per cartridge, which lasts through multiple refills, making it way more cost-effective than the sports drinks and sodas I was previously buying. Combine that with 35% off? This is a no-brainer.

Take it from someone who knows - you will regret it if you miss out on this throwback! Don't wait to stock up on FLVR LAB and those swoon-worthy limited edition water bottles. As we know, inventory runs out quick, and you never know when they'll resurface. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some stuff to add to my cart...