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I Hate the Cold and I’m Impossible to Please – So I Have Thoughts About This Jacket

Ali Van Straten
ByAli Van StratenJan 30, 2023In Partnership With Oros Apparel

Whenever I hear about a new winter jacket, I automatically become skeptical that it'll actually keep me warm.  I think to myself, “This better actually be really warm if I’m going to invest in it.” That skepticism only increases when there’s a lot of hype surrounding the jacket in question.

As a Minnesotan, I've found that my needs are rarely met by the average winter jacket. Even the most high-end trendy jackets usually leave me cold in 20 minutes in our regular sub-zero temperatures. I get the irony of hating the cold when I choose to live in Minnesota, but all jokes aside, the only jackets that have worked for me are super bulky, which makes it hard to move around & keep up with my kids.

When I saw the trendy OROS Orion Parka pop up on my feed, I was hesitant. Is it just trendy, or does it actually do the job of keeping me warm? Despite my doubts, I added it to cart. After all, everyone else seemed to love it…but does it live up to the hype?

Warmth, without all of the bulk

When my order arrived, I was shocked at how lightweight the parka actually was. I was expecting it to be bulky, but instead, the jacket felt almost airy in my hands. I put it on and headed out into a cold Minnesota winter day. I only wore a long sleeve shirt underneath to test its efficacy.

To my surprise, I was completely immune to the freezing cold! The beauty of the Orion Parka is that it has full coverage thermal mapping, so I don’t have to cover up all of my outfits with unnecessary layers. The parka’s patented SOLARCORE® insulation technology worked amazingly well at keeping me warm even during the extreme cold front we were experiencing–it’s meant for temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit! In my excitement, I forgot to put on gloves, but as long as I stuck my hands in the SOLARCORE® pockets, they stayed toasty warm.

Fashionable and functional

The next test I put the parka through was if it could keep up with playing with my kids. Usually trendy jackets aren't as functional when building snowmen or throwing snowballs, but the Orion Parka passed this test with flying colors, and it has a sternum strap to hold it in place. I could move around freely and still stay warm, something that has never been possible before. The parka also looked stylish enough to wear on my regular errands – a big plus in my book!

It’s actually waterproof

The biggest surprise for me came when I decided to take the parka on a sledding playdate with my kids. We had been having days of heavy snowfall, and I was sure that my parka would be soaked through after only a few minutes. To my surprise, the Orion Parka actually stayed completely dry! The waterproof and windproof fabric did its job perfectly  – I didn’t feel damp or chilly at all. I was actually able to stay outside with my kids for hours, which is new for me.

The verdict?

After a few weeks of testing, I can confidently say that the Orion Parka lives up to the hype! It combines fashion and function without compromising on warmth. If you’re like me and don’t want bulky layers but still need a jacket that will keep you warm in the extreme cold weather, I would highly recommend giving this one a try. It really does live up to the hype!