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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Had My Doubts That This Serum Could Give Me Longer, Fuller Lashes – Here’s What Happened When I Tried It:

Hallie Rosenthal
ByHallie RosenthalOct 25, 2022In partnership with Hello Skincare

I’m a lash product skeptic. I’ve always been afraid of damaging my natural lashes, so I’ve stayed away from lash extensions for the most part. The time spent going to regular fill appointments (plus the monetary commitment) makes extension maintenance a full-time job, and I certainly don’t need another one of those!

I’m finding that my lashes are becoming thinner and shorter, so it was time to take action. Though I had my doubts, I decided to check out Hello Skincare’s Lash Therapy. Here’s what I found.

How Lash Therapy works

I wasn’t sure if Hello Skincare’s Lash Therapy was going to work, but admittedly, I did love that it includes real ingredients that I can pronounce like Aloe Vera, Swiss Apple, and green tea. Hello Skincare also offers an explanation of what each key ingredient does, so it’s safe to say that Lash Therapy has my seal of approval there.

Lash Therapy works by providing essential nourishment and soothing elements to the lash line, which help stimulate growth and overall lash health. It’s a deep conditioning serum made up of peptides, vegan stem cells, amino acids and vitamins. It nourishes dry and damaged lashes while providing nutrients that ensure your lashes are as healthy as they can be.

This natural product checks all my boxes

I pored over the ingredients, instructions, and testimonials before I tried Hello Skincare’s Lash Therapy. I have to say, I was immediately drawn to Hello Skincare because it checks all the boxes for the type of responsible beauty products that I prefer to use.

My results

Lash Therapy's ingredients list sounded just about perfect, but I still wasn’t sure if it worked. So what happened when I tested it?

I have to say, I’ve had no issues with my eyes burning, rashes appearing, or my sensitive skin starting to itch–definitely attributable to the serum’s formulation. An added plus is that it’s an easy, no-fuss product that I can incorporate into my nighttime routine: one swipe of the product on each lash line and I’m off to bed to let the serum work its magic.

Even after a few short weeks of using Lash Therapy, I'm starting to see results. It’s a breeze to use and my lashes are softer and already beginning to look fuller. I’m finding that with a couple swipes of mascara, I’m happy with the results.

Why I’m a fan

I’m already starting to love my longer lashes, even after a short time using Hello Skincare. I have no doubt that after 60 days I won’t have to be jealous of the girls with the lash extensions because mine will be healthy, flutter-worthy, fabulously full, and more importantly - all mine!