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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Does this Ethical Clothing Brand Live Up to the Hype? I Found Out.

lauren Way
Bylauren WayJan 9, 2023In partnership with Daughters of India

I’m a compulsive shopper. I shop everywhere, I’m pretty quick with decisions, and I never make returns—I always find a way to style the pieces I’ve selected.

So, imagine my surprise when I encountered a slow fashion brand that, well, took me by surprise. Daughters of India caught my eye with its effortlessly chic, lightweight, and feminine aesthetic–and then it quickly snuck its way into my heart and closet. I’m here to tell you why I’m a convert for this ethically made clothing (and am putting my fast fashion habits behind).

High-Quality Beautiful Designs

As a lover of finer things on a budget, I’m also the girl who’s coming home with a cartful of cloth es from Target. And, as an appreciator of designer clothing, there are some really good look-alikes out there. (Hello, H&M and Zara!) That said, their clothing is produced as rapidly as possible with little regard for water quality, carbon emissions, or fair wages. Learning of this, I knew I needed to change.

I saw a woman on the street wearing another stylish woman wearing a Daughters of India blouse, and she told me that they’re supporting female artisans of India in a way that supports and sustains them. I knew I found a winner. I checked out their website and thought, “wow, they’re really holding their own in terms of quality and gorgeous, inspired design.” They embody the essence of Indian culture in an accessible way for global citizens to wear and enjoy.

Conversation Pieces that Support Local Villagers

I can confidently say it feels good to my core to wear Daughters of India clothes. I love conversation pieces and the “where did you get that” question. And my favorite recent interaction was when I was wearing my Zuri Wrap Dress and got to answer this question with an explanation of the sustainable supply chain that brought me this piece.

Everything from Daughters of India is made in small factories not far from the historic pink city, Jaipur, India. The local villagers employed are supported in fair trade– and isn’t that how it should always be? Suddenly my fast fashion shopping excursions started to feel like a dirty habit. The unknowns of the history of these inexpensive items made the whole hobby feel less fun already.

Free Shipping & Flattering Fits

I already knew I’m a lover of lightweight-natural fabrics and loose silhouettes, but what I didn’t realize until now was how badly some of my go-to ethereal styles needed an upgrade.

Turns out, all it took was to put my Zuri Wrap Dress on, and now I’m sure. These 100% cotton pieces can be sheer depending on the color tone of their design, but honestly, it just gives me more ideas for how to style it. The lightness of the product doesn’t detract from its quality at all, and even the most seemingly simple pieces from this brand have beautiful details like gathering and ties and a flattering fit. My favorite part, though? Free shipping for all orders $300 or more!

It’s Official: I’ll Be Shopping Daughters of India from Now On

The best part about my Daughters of India pieces is that I know I’m going to own them for the rest of my life—not just because I’m certain the quality is going to hold up for years and years to come, but because these sustainable dresses and tops strike the perfect balance between unique and timeless. The ethical, slow-fashion back story is absolutely the cherry on top. So much so that this brand has made me reconsider shopping at big box stores altogether.