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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Had My Doubts That This Bedding Brand Could Be As Comfortable As Promised – Then I Tried It

Michelle Schmidt
ByMichelle SchmidtDec 27, 2022In Partnership With Sunday Citizen

For the longest time, I have been searching for the perfect cozy bedding. I’ve tried it all - from affordable brands from Amazon to luxurious (and pricy) high-end bedding sets. But…most bedding brands I’ve tried in the past haven't quite delivered on their promises of comfort. Sure, they looked nice - but I was looking for coziness and that hotel experience, too!

Then after scrolling on Instagram one night, I learned about Sunday Citizen’s “world’s softest home products.” So, I decided to get a few items and put them to the test with the colder weather incoming. Is Sunday Citizen’s bedding really the most comfortable in the world? Find out below.

Here’s what I got: (also, important to note that Sunday Citizen offers free shipping in the US and Canada on all orders and has a 90-day return policy as well)

Soft-as-a-cloud comfort is possible

The first thing I unboxed was Sunday Citizen’s best-selling Casablanca Throw. And oh my goodness. This is literally what cozy bedding dreams are made of! It’s Incredibly plush, snuggly, and oversized enough for me to never want to get out of this plush cocoon of comfort.

But it’s not just Casablanca that has me swooning– the Snug Stitch Comforter and Snug + Bamboo Sham Set were also soft-as-a-cloud! I genuinely feel like I’ve missed out all my life, and my comfortable bedding journey is just now starting.

Let me also mention that even my new Snug Body Pillow cover is buttery soft. I’ll be cozying up in bed for the foreseeable future, thanks.

Durability and sustainability matters

I was thrilled to find that my new Sunday Citizen beddings are also machine washable. In fact, now that I’ve washed and dried everything a few times, I can say that my Sunday Citizen bedding doesn’t just survive machine-washing, it thrives: the softness is maintained without any parts unraveling.

Plus, as someone who values sustainability, I loved knowing that the filling inside my new bedding is made entirely of recycled plastic to help clean up our oceans. It’s also cool that Sunday Citizen uses a signature Snug yarn and viscose from bamboo in their bedding and pillows.

All-in-one bedding is where it’s at

I got the Snug Stitch Comforter because I was curious about this “all-in-one bed cover,” which was supposed to replace the need for a duvet and top sheet. I loved how convenient it was to not have to take as long to make my bed in the mornings or after laundry days. It’s a true all-season product, so it keeps me cozy all year long, without being too hot for the summers or too cold for winters.

High quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Think of Sunday Citizen bedding as the perfect cross between a timeless look and a modern fluffy feel. From fabric selection to aesthetic design choices, I could tell that everything was meticulously curated for your best sleep yet.

In my long search for the perfect cozy bedding brand, I’ve seen, felt, and used all kinds of different materials that tout to be the best quality. But honestly, most are just overpriced bedding.

Final Thoughts

After using my new bedding set for a while now, I have to say that the high-quality materials used in my Sunday Citizen bedding and pillows outperform the other high-end bedding brands I’ve used before by far. Sunday Citizen proves to be superior in terms of softness, sustainability, and durability, a few areas that mattered most to me when looking for a bedding brand to commit to. And, don’t forget – it’s all at a very reasonable price point!