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My Subscription Addiction

I Had My Doubts That a Hormone-Free Product Could Alleviate My Vaginal Dryness – Here’s What Happened When I Tried It

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoJan 19, 2023In partnership with Kindra

Ever feel so relieved after birth, thinking that some of those uncomfortable, painful, and downright bothersome vaginal woes would finally disappear? The good news is post-birth experiences are filled with lots of joy. The bad news – it might take longer for you to feel like yourself down there again. I know – not quite earth shattering news.

I was expecting there to be pain and discomfort, and a fairly long waiting period for intimacy. Once that phase seemed to subside, and months and months later after I was done breastfeeding and starting to get into the flow of motherhood, I was surprised by the persistent vaginal dryness. Turns out, estrogen levels can be low when breastfeeding, which can contribute to vaginal dryness. However, once I was done breastfeeding – I knew I wanted to address this once and for all. There are so many reasons why women experience these symptoms — birth, menopause, and more. I want to share that I found a product that’s helping me inch closer to healing and intimacy, and it’s a non-hormonal dream. It’s called Kindra.

The Soothing, Silky Cream That’s Helping My Vaginal Dryness

A Bit of Backstory

So, when I was breastfeeding, the milk-producing hormone, prolactin, was running around blocking estrogen production, slowing blood flow and production of natural secretions in my intimate area. Oh joy. Topical estrogen cream is the first suggestion of so many medical professionals, but I wanted to give something non-hormonal a try first. When I took to the internet to find a different solution, I literally was told by an internet doctor to meditate and remove stressors from my life. Sure, one sec. (Sigh).

Then Kindra showed up for me. It does not contain estrogen—or parabens for that matter. It’s OB/GYN approved cruelty-free, and made for women, by women. All fantastic things.

Kindra Came Through

The term “vaginal lotion” confused me; I’d never heard of anything like this and wasn’t sure I should be putting any sort of lotion in my nethers. But it got amazing reviews, and I really liked the looks of its ingredients. It contains, in their words: “coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, and moisture-loving humectants, with skin-critical vitamins E and B3 (niacinamide) to support skin-moisture barrier healing.”

I was a little concerned about using a new product post-birth. I emailed the Kindra team and they actually got back to me that evening! Essentially, as long as I was done breastfeeding and I didn’t have any other pregnancy complications, it was safe to try. My doctor gave it the go-ahead at one of my follow-up appointments, which was great!

I gave it a try. It’s extremely lightweight and goes on silky-smooth. It’s scentless, which is key for such a sensitive area, and the only sensation I have felt after applying is a softness. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling behind on my fingers.

The symptoms Kindra’s vaginal lotion supports relief for are dryness, low libido, and painful sex. (Essentially, the more I can moisturize the vulvar and vaginal tissue, the more comfort I can feel during intimacy). Two ingredients that stand out to me are Vitamin E, which has been shown to enhance natural lubrication, and hyaluronic acid, which can maintain a normal, acidic vaginal pH. Daily use of this lotion, applied around or up to 1 inch into the vagina, can reduce skin sensitivity and reactivity. Of course, using this product is the care you provide your vulva in the day-to-day; in intimate encounters, you’ll want to set yourself up for success. That looks like a safe environment, a lube you like, and a caring partner who is committed to consent and open to patient, affectionate trial and error. I know that can feel like a fantasy at times. I believe in you.

I’m In It for the Long-Haul

On top of the beneficial ingredients in this vaginal lotion, I can see that there’s benefit to creating a simple ritual for myself; the love and care and attention put toward healing my pelvic floor. In the private moment that I take to myself to apply this lotion every day, I’ve started to also take a few deep breaths and have positive, healing intentions for my pelvic floor. I visualize returning to a better place in my intimacy. So, I guess in the end, those internet doctors weren’t completely amiss.

Because the vaginal lotion has been such a nice experience for me I also decided to give Kindra’s bath soak a try. It has a gentle floral scent, which is so relaxing, but it’s also deeply hydrating and pH-balanced so you know it will help and not harm the gentlest skin on your body. It’s another opportunity to spend time caring for myself and my body, creating a calming narrative around the healing from my birth. The vaginal lotion + bath soak = my perfect stress-reducing self-care routine.

As for you?

Perhaps your blood flow is back in action and keeping your intimate tissues nice and plump, or perhaps it’s another avenue of womanhood that has you seeking some healing and comfort for  your vulva and your intimate life. Based on my experience, I recommend you give Kindra a try.