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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Had My Doubts About Whether Dog Supplements Could Really Be Effective – Then I Tried These Chews

Geraldine Orentas
ByGeraldine OrentasOct 10, 2022In Partnership With Winpro Pet

I’m not the only one with skin problems–my beautiful German Shepherd, Cora, has struggled with skin allergies and hot spots for years! Despite all my efforts, she was always struggling with flare-ups. Some vet-recommended remedies didn’t work for Cora, so I found WINPRO Allergy soft chews and decided to give them a try.

Testing recommended remedies

As a German Shepherd living in South Florida, Cora’s coat and skin are very sensitive. For as long as I can remember, she’s dealt with constant licking and scratching. The poor thing will spend hours licking her paws and coat to the point that she’ll shed hair in specific areas.

Eventually, her licking and scratching got so bad that she gave herself some hot spots! Her vet recommended we switch foods, so we did. At first, it got better, but once her system got used to the new food, it was back to licking and scratching again. Then, the vet recommended a special shampoo, but we had difficulties giving her baths every week as an apartment dog.

Finding a solution

I didn’t want to put Cora on steroids or heavy medication. So, I took matters into my own hands by reading hundreds of reviews and researching many brands, which is how I found WINPRO. I really liked that they discussed scientific research and natural ingredients–I was done with companies trying to sell miracle products.

When reading about WINPRO's allergy relief soft chews, I was intrigued by the spray-dried plasma ingredient. I knew plasma was used in humans to reduce inflammation and has years of scientific research to support its benefits. That caught my eye because I knew these ingredients were explicitly targeted to support healing and calm inflammation, aka the main culprit of many allergy symptoms.

I contacted my vet to see if she had heard of WINPRO. To my surprise, she had! And apparently, other German Shepherd owners had lots of success with their supplements.

So, after learning all this, I gave it a try!

The results

Cora isn’t a fan of treats, so I wasn’t sure she’d eat these allergy chews. Cora LOVED the Allergy supplement! Every day, I’d give her two soft chews before her food. She already recognizes the sound of the canister!

After two weeks, Cora’s coat looked shinier, and her licking and scratching went down substantially. By week four, she was finally sleeping all night long and happier than ever!

My thoughts

Cora’s already on her second canister of WINPRO Allergy soft chews. She loves the treats, and her skin has never been healthier.

I got a couple of new supplements, too! The Hip & Joint supplement is vital for my German Shepherd, so we added that. And I also have the Calming supplement for stormy days or whenever we have visitors.

I feel WINPRO Allergy supplement is a must-have for any pet parent with a dog with allergy-prone skin. I like how they provide relief and support as you keep using them. And since they’re all-natural, I don’t have to worry about any crazy side effects. So, now every day, as I take my daily vitamins, Cora gets her WINPRO supplements.