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My Subscription Addiction

One Year Later, I Have Thoughts About These Preserved Roses

Amy Sun
ByAmy SunFeb 24, 2023In Partnership With Ode a la Rose

I love to fill my home with fresh flowers. There’s something so soothing about seeing a full bouquet on a table, and it just makes a room feel complete. But this also means running extra errands during the week to refresh my flowers once they start drooping.

Honestly, though, I was getting tired of the constant refresh & money spent. When I heard about Ode à la Rose’s Preserved Forever Roses, which are bouquets carefully treated to last for a year, I had some serious doubts. If they really did last that long, there’s no way they could have the same elegance as a fresh bouquet.

But if they did last an entire year, they’d be well worth the investment. So I ordered some crisp, white roses–the Petite Luna bouquet–and hoped for the best…

The roses were impressive, but I wasn’t sure how long they’d last

My flowers arrived in a secure package to keep them from getting damaged in transit. There’s not much maintenance here–all you have to do is keep the flowers in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, which is a definite departure from regular fresh flower care. I was pretty skeptical about this new hands-off approach!

The Petite Luna bouquet was full of white roses and came in a wooden base, which complemented my home’s light, airy decor. Most impressively, these treated, long-lasting roses were absolute showstoppers, just like my usual bouquets.

These flowers come in an attractive vase, not a bulky box

In looking at preserved flower options before, many come in giant boxes that don’t match my aesthetic, so I felt less inspired to give them a try.

I was surprised Ode à la Rose actually offered preserved roses in real–not to mention gorgeous–vase options. The wood container my white roses arrived in elevated my home’s aesthetic rather than just creating more visual clutter.

After a few months, the flowers looked just as beautiful as day one

I already got my money’s worth from my preserved Ode à la Rose bouquet after just a few months. I was feeling more confident as each day went by and the flowers looked just as fresh as they did the first day they arrived at my door!

By the six-month mark, I was fully admitting my personal defeat–these flowers were very likely to make it a whole year, considering how amazing they looked at the halfway point.

I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on buying flowers

Aside from the long-lasting beauty that the Ode à la Rose Forever Roses added to my home, I decided to do the math to see if this investment was worth continuing when the day finally came to replace the bouquet. Here’s what I found:

I was spending $20 to $40 for each fresh 12-stem bouquet, totaling anywhere from $1,040 to over $2,000 a year on fresh flowers per week. But Ode à la Rose offers 12-stem preserved rose bouquets, plus in a gorgeous vase, for as little as $199, and these flowers really last a year, as I’ve learned from personal experience.

Plus, Ode à la Rose offers same-day delivery in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and Washington D.C., and next-day delivery nationwide!

Forever Roses are now a must-have decor piece in my home

Once the year marked passed, I was so impressed by how healthy they looked. And from doing the math, I’m buying Ode à la Rose’s Forever Roses from here on out.

I may switch things up year after year, ordering different rose colors and vase styles to refresh my home’s decor, but I can’t imagine ever going back to conventional bouquets after this experience with Ode à la Rose!