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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Had My Doubts About How Warm This Jacket Could Really Be – So I Took It To The Coldest Place On Earth 

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereJan 24, 2023In Partnership With Oros Apparel

Despite growing up in New York and being an avid skier, I get cold VERY easily. I had a trip coming up to Lapland and was worried about my current jacket keeping me warm enough because I was already not feeling super toasty on my 15-min walk to work in NYC. I knew this trip to Lapland would be long days out in the cold, so when a friend told me about OROS, I was immediately intrigued.

She had just gotten back from a trip to Scandinavia and said she couldn’t have survived without her OROS jacket and leggings. Between the recommendation of my friend and reading a few of the hundreds of five-star reviews they have, I decided to scoop up the new Orion Parka from OROS, as well as the Explorer Hoodie and Delta Tight. I definitely had my doubts that this jacket could be so different than the other ones I had, but I was quickly proved wrong.

Here’s what I loved about the OROS gear:

Zero-Bulk Warmth - that means No Puff & No Need to Layer!!

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous when I saw the small box arrive on my doorstep carrying my goodies. How could a box this small fit a parka (+ other items) in it?! But from the moment I put the jacket on, I knew I was in for a treat.

OROS' Orion Parka has a proprietary zero-bulk insulation lining called SOLARCORE that is designed for temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

I definitely experienced that on my Lapland trip. I didn’t have to put as many layers on underneath the jacket as I normally do, which allowed me to explore the mountains and waterfalls more easily. Plus, back in New York, I didn’t have to worry about extra layers I would just shed when I got to the office.

Strategically Designed - aka thermal zones where your body gets most cold

These OROS clothes have a smart design! The SOLARCORE insulation is strategically placed in thermal zones where your body might otherwise be the coldest, allowing for maximum warmth and better performance. I especially liked the placement of these on my Delta leggings.

I’ve worn a lot of fleece leggings in my day, but none with the comfort & performance level of these!

I don’t know about you, but my hands are always one of the coldest parts of my body. Not with my new OROS parka, though! It has an extra layer of SOLARCORE over the pockets, giving a cozy warm-up spot. Additionally, the collar on the back of the neck and the drawstring on the hood helped to keep my neck and face extra toasty. I also love all the pockets in the parka - I could go off for a day without a bag.

Environmentally Friendly - vegan, cruelty-free, AND sustainable 👀

One cool thing about the OROS gear, outside of keeping me very warm with no bulk, is that it’s environmentally friendly. They use recycled poly to reduce CO2 emissions and PFC-free DWRs to repel water (but not harm the environment). The SOLARCORE technology is completely vegan-friendly, a nice cruelty-free alternative to some of the other down-filled jackets.

Fair prices ... and currently on further sale

Okay, so you’re convinced you need to try OROS, but don’t want to shell out the $900+ of jackets that promise this level of warmth. Well, you’re in luck! OROS’s prices are very reasonable to me, with the Orion Parka coming in at $450.

Better than that, though, the coat is currently on sale for $299!

The coat is currently on final sale, so no returns are allowed. That said, while most final sales don't allow you to return or exchange, OROS accepts exchanges! As someone who has bought jackets that cost this much (or more than this), and then light jackets to wear under those heavier jackets to ensure I stayed warm enough, I feel like I can actually save money by purchasing the parka. Plus, I can go out with just the leggings on super cold days (or even for cross country skiing or snowshoeing), versus long underwear + another pair of pants, so you're looking at more cost savings here.

My Verdict - OROS is here to stay

I’ll be buying more OROS gear for my ski days and can’t recommend it enough if, like me, you struggle to stay warm in cold weather or are looking for new winter outerwear (or leggings).