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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Had Doubts That Pet Insurance Was Worth It – Here’s What Happened When I Needed It

Jude Phillips
ByJude PhillipsFeb 6, 2023In Partnership With Wagmo

Dog lovers are special people. I share my space with my gorgeous mini dachshund, Ruby–she’s only about a year old and is a huge part of my life.

She’s incredibly active, which means she overextends herself from time to time. Since I’d do anything for her, I considered signing up for pet insurance, which I’ve always felt a little dubious about. I don’t have many friends who have pet insurance, and the few I do know of don’t always have great things to say about it. For Ruby and me, though? Well, Wagmo pet insurance really saves the day! Here’s why Wagmo is here to stay.

100% Of Your Pet Bills are Covered By Wagmo

When Ruby was a puppy, she woke up and her eye was swollen and droopy. I suspected it was pink eye, but when I took her to the vet, they told me it could be a range of things and sent me on my way to the ophthalmologist. After many medical bills later, it was pink eye–if I’d had Wagmo, I would’ve gotten my money back for all of the exams.

With Wagmo, my girl is 100% covered for whatever comes our way!

This is a biggie! Wagmo literally covers 100% of your medical costs after your deductible. And the range of services covered is extremely broad: regular wellness visits, emergency vet visits, hereditary and congenital prescription medications, lab tests, x-rays, CT scans, cancer treatments, and end-of-life care.

You Can Choose Whichever Vet You Want

Ruby's friendliness is one of her many, many amazing qualities! But, like many pets (and people!) she is partial to her current doctor.

This is one of the biggest reasons I love Wagmo: Teddy gets to keep her vet! If you have ever had a pet that is shy or nervous around new people or just when going for medical visits, a familiar office can really go a long way.

I love that Wagmo gets to keep seeing the veterinarian she loves: Wagmo coverage can be used at ANY licensed vet!

Flexible and Custom Coverage Options

I know I’ve been waxing poetic about my dog, but Wagmo is also built for your feline family members. You can add multiple pets to your coverage and you have the option to choose between emergency coverage (accidents, surgeries, medication, and illnesses) or wellness coverage (routine visits, blood word, grooming, dental, and more), or both!

We opted for both levels for Ruby so she’s covered no matter what, though I think Wagmo’s emergency plan would be a stellar choice for anyone who knows how much those emergency after-hours bills cost (Ouch). I really wish I would’ve had Wagmo when Ruby got pink eye!

A little on how the emergency plan works: you can choose your deductible amount and pick 90% or 100% coverage–easy as that! With the wellness plan, you can select options from $20 and up monthly.

Wagmo makes it easy to customize your coverage to exactly what you need and what your budget allows. I seriously love that Teddy's plan is as special and unique as she is.

Reimbursements Are Quick and Easy

It’s definitely fair to be concerned about when you’ll get your insurance reimbursement–arguing with a stranger over the phone feels like a total waste of time.

Luckily, Wagmo has the fastest claims processing in the industry - wellness claims are paid out within 24 hours (sometimes instantly!) and insurance claims typically pay out in 2 weeks. You can even receive your payments via Venmo or PayPal for flexibility!

To top it off, Wagmo’s handy app lets you do it all: you can check your reimbursements, submit claims, find a service, and overall feel completely covered with Wagmo (because, well, you are).

Having Wagmo would’ve gotten rid of all the hoops we had to jump through when Ruby had countless exams and bills when she got pink eye.

My Final Thoughts on Wagmo

Wagmo made me a true pet insurance convert. Medical bills are expensive–take it from me during Ruby's pink eye fiasco–but the peace of mind I feel knowing that I can always afford care for my canine bestie is priceless. If you’re considering holistic care for your pet, too, you really can’t do any better than Wagmo!