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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Had Doubts About This Sizeless Denim Brand – Here’s What Happened When I Tried It

Lauren Nowicki
ByLauren NowickiDec 27, 2022In partnership with Sene

Truth be told, I had always been skeptical of custom-fit, size-less clothing. And as I was taking the SmartFit Quiz to order custom jeans from fashion tech company Sene, I was even more dubious. How was this quiz going to figure out my perfect fit for jeans?  It doesn’t even require me to take out the measuring tape.

Clothing sizes have never made sense to me. My size fluctuates from a small to a large depending on the brand, style, or fit, and nothing ever seems to fit right. And no, this isn’t because I am in denial of what my actual size is. Because of this, I’ve completely given up on online shopping – too many returns later, I feel like I can’t buy anything without trying it on.

I’ve had a particularly difficult time with jeans. If the pants fit over my thighs, it’s too big on my waist. If they fit my waist, my thighs are bursting at the seams. After finally having enough I looked into custom-fit jeans, which brings me back to Sene’s quiz. Despite my doubts, it somehow managed to get it right.

Custom-Fit Jeans that Fit Your Budget

Even before ordering anything, I was impressed by Sene – I’ve always associated custom-fit clothing with ridiculously high prices, but in browsing the site I quickly realized their prices were even less than what I’ve paid for designer jeans in the past that didn’t even fit that well. One pair of jeans will be around $150, but Sene also has a 60-day perfect-fit guarantee, with unlimited remakes, so you get any tailoring included in the price. I would otherwise spend over $175 for jeans at Bloomingdales or Nordstrom and then sometimes pay additional for tailoring, so Sene's prices sold me. Plus, returns are completely free, so that was the extra push I needed to give it a try.

I ended up going with a pair of the True Slim Straight Jeans. All you do is pick the rise and length you’d like, and then create your custom fit using the SmartFit quiz. The 60-second quiz asks a few questions about your build and how different styles typically fit you, and Sene's AI technology uses your answers to make the perfect fit for YOU! Simple as that!

Trying On My Sizeless Jeans

Two weeks after placing my order the jeans were at my doorstep – I was honestly impressed with Sene’s delivery time since the jeans were literally made from scratch to fit my body. Out of the box I was excited – just from holding the jeans I could tell they were made from high-quality denim that wasn’t too heavy.

Then it was time for the real test: how do they fit? Eager to see if Sene lived up to its claims of being a perfect-fit, size-less clothing brand, I rushed to my bedroom to try them on. After one look in the mirror with my True Slim Straight Jeans on, I was sold - the jeans fit me perfectly! Plus, they are honestly the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. It almost feels like I'm wearing leggings or sweatpants.

The Perfect Jeans Do Exist

I’ve always wanted a pair of jeans like these. They’re vintage-inspired with a more structured fit and the thicker weight is so flattering but usually means that it’s even harder to find a good fit. Not only is the fit perfect but you can tell that the denim is really high-quality as well.

These were the first pair of pants to comfortably fit both my thighs and waist. Usually, when pants fit my waist, my thighs are squeezed so tight I can’t sit or move. Alternatively, when my legs are comfortable, the waistband is so big a belt can’t even save me. These jeans not only fit me everywhere I needed them to, but they were also SO comfortable when I walked around and sat down in them. I honestly don't think I've ever owned a more comfortable pair of jeans.

I didn’t feel like I needed to constantly readjust my waist to keep them up, or like I couldn’t move or breathe in them. The quality, fit, and price made Sene the ultimate trifecta when it came to size-less clothing! So much so that I hopped back onto their site to see what other styles they had to offer.

Build Your Perfect-Fit Wardrobe

As it turns out, there are tons of pieces and styles to choose from. I went with the True Slim Straight Jeans, a vintage-inspired style, but if you’re looking for more light-weight, stretchy denim, Sene also has their Air Jeans collection. Also, if you’re in need of custom-fit clothes for work, look no further – Sene also has their Melrose Flextech Pants and Blazer waiting for you!

If you’re tired of living life without your perfect fit, it’s time to give Sene a try! Take it from me – once you try Sene, you’ll never want to go back to finding your size again.