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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Gifted 3 People Universal Yums for the Holidays Last Year – Here’s What They Had To Say

Becca Peterson
ByBecca PetersonNov 23, 2022In partnership with Universal Yums

Do you know what a farmer, a teacher, and a 7-year-old boy have in common? They all can be EXTREMELY hard to buy gifts for!

That’s where Universal Yums comes in. What is Universal Yums, you ask? My ultimate go-to when it comes to holiday gift giving, that’s what!

Universal Yums is a snack box that delivers a variety of snacks from different countries all around the world, each exhibiting extraordinary (yet safe for picky eaters!) flavors. Each delivery packs in an unforgettable experience including delicious treats, plus an interactive tasting game with a 12+ page booklet. You can bet conversation, curiosity, and delicious snacks will be on the table with Universal Yums, and you can experience it all without even leaving your home.

The Farmer

My 63-year-old father already has every John Deere item known to man. I was just about ready to throw in the towel on buying my dad gifts for the holidays when an idea struck me: the guy loves snacking and is wayyy too busy farming to travel to new countries, yet he loves random trivia. The Universal Yums Super Yum box was perfect! With 15-18 snacks as well as a unique drink, the $51.00 one-time purchase was the perfect surprise!

Not only did the snacks last almost the entire month, but he fell in love with some absolute gems, so much so that he actually has ordered repeatedly from the Yum Shop! Not only that, but with all his newfound trivia knowledge, he actually beat his Jeopardy high score in January. This year he has already been asking if there’s a chance popcorn truffles will be in his future, which of course is a yes!

The Teacher

The teacher in question is a mid-30s married gal with every personalized “apple” item you can imagine. Working in education myself, I knew my son's teacher was secretly wishing for a holiday gift she could actually use. Plus, after dealing with a classroom of 20-30 kids every day, teachers definitely deserve something extra special. For Mrs. D, we opted for the $33 one month Yum Yum Box, and she was thrilled with the variety of 12 snacks from all over the world! Not only was Charlie proud to give this unique gift, but Mrs. D’s eyes lit up when opening and she thanked him profusely! You can bet I will be ordering two for both of my boys’ teachers this year–easy for me, and fun for them!

The Kid Who Has Everything

We all have the kid that has everything on our holiday shopping list, and I struggled for years trying to find the best gifts. Because trends come and go so fast, I have produced some epic fails, and I’ve started looking like the lame mom instead of the cool one. That’s when I decided to give my 7-year-old the $19 Yum Box along with his savings account money. Kids love food, and when he opened the box, he didn’t put it aside for later - he dug right in and ate most of the seven snacks during present time, so this year I’m planning on ordering him the Yum Yum Box instead to satisfy his hunger for just a tiny bit longer!

My Recap

Because of the varying price points, all of the boxes are super approachable but with a huge impact. I guarantee your recipients will be astonished by the uniqueness of this box, and on top of that, they’ll feel appreciated and cared for. With Universal Yums subscriptions starting at as low as $15, this truly works with every budget, and will leave a lasting smile on your face for being so darn clever!