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My Subscription Addiction

I Found the Ultimate Way to Get My Kids Outside and Enjoying Nature

Paul Chambers
ByPaul ChambersSep 20, 2022In Partnership With Wanlow

We all have many struggles as a parent, but one I find myself talking about most with my friends is, are they getting too much screen time and how can I get them outside more? And even more so, once I get them outside, how do I keep them excited about being outdoors and entertained?! I know spending time outside is amazing for brain development, but what’s the best way to do it?

Enter Wanlow. We received their Welcome Kit and I immediately put it in the hands of my 8-year-old son and he fell in love right away! Of course, his 4-year-old brother wanted to tag along as well.

What is Wanlow?

Their Welcome Kit was well put together and fun for my boys to begin their outdoor exploration. It came with a guide to getting started and a cool journal that challenges them to spend 1,000 hours exploring the outside. Accompanied by a nice pen and pencil set, a cool magnet, and even a high-end hammock, the boys didn’t even think about coming in until it started to rain!

Even more, the included hammock was awesome!  I actually had the kids set it up by themselves and tried not to offer too much instruction or support – I wanted to see how they did. Turns out, they did awesome!  I was impressed with how easy it was for them to set up (admittedly, the boys' 12-year-old sisters helped lead the charge on this one) as well as how high quality it was. This is something I didn’t expect for how budget-conscious this box is!  Once in place, it was hours of fun and entertainment. At first it was their cocoon, then a rocket ship, next a boat, and of course the protector from the lava floor beneath them!

One of the things I love most about Wanlow is any time I want to get my son to re-engage with it and spend some time outside, it’s easy and never a fight! I simply pick up the 1,000 Hours journal, flip to a page, and set him loose. The journal gives helpful prompts like recording an interesting sight or new thing learned, there's also a page to jot down a seasonal bucket list, so we can turn to that page when we're stumped for new activities. And best of all, it keeps his curiosity and wonder going. And if that’s not enough, the subscription option will have the outdoor fun continuing to come.

Why Outside Time is So Important

Spending time outside has some pretty far-reaching psychological benefits for children. It helps with everything from reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep quality. And with the rise in mental health issues in children, I’ll take all the help I can get!

Plus, it gets them away from screens. I know we can’t eliminate screen time altogether, but getting them outside allows for some good screen-free time where they can explore, use their imagination, and move their bodies. And that’s important for development too.

My New Favorite Parenting Find

Getting kids off their digital devices and exploring nature is a challenge for any parent. The reason why you want to get your kids out into nature is because you know that it’s good for them. Spending time outside has been linked to all sorts of benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep quality. But getting kids away from screens and out into nature can be a challenge for any parent.

So if you’re looking for a way to get your kids outside more or just want some fun ideas of things to do outside, Wanlow is a great solution! I know the boys are already counting down the days until their next box arrives!