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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Doubted That Chegg Could Help Me with College Math. Here’s What Happened When I Tried It…

Huntly Connerty
ByHuntly ConnertyNov 1, 2022Sponsored

I never thought I’d know what rock bottom looked like…as it turns out, it looks a lot like my calculus class. I don’t know if it was the fast pace of the course, or the fact that so much material was crammed into every class, but I would always find myself feeling lost and having no idea how the professor answered the question.

I’d rewatch the lecture recordings and do practice questions to try to reteach myself the information, but by the looks of my first exam grade, that method did not serve me well. I needed to make a change quickly to salvage the semester!

I decided to explore different online study tools to see whether there was something to get me back on track. That’s when I came across Chegg Study and it has been an absolute game-changer for me.

The Chegg Study subscription comes with four different services designed to help you with your coursework, wherever you may be in your journey. Starting from scratch, I spent the majority of my time using the ‘Understanding a topic’ feature, which had a library of available topics.

Each breakdown would start with a high-level overview of the topic, and then go into digestible explanations and examples with step-by-step solutions. Personally, I felt these overviews were a great starting point because

  • they helped me build a concrete foundation of the topic.
  • they were a more effective study tool than trying to aimlessly answer practice questions.

Expert Homework Support

Chegg Study also has Homework services that have been extremely helpful with my assignments. The step-by-step math support helps you learn how to solve thanks to easy-to-follow explanations. This has been super helpful for when I feel completely stuck. I also use it to check my work to make sure I truly understand the material.

There are also a ton of instructor-made resources like study guides, practice exams, and practice quizzes to help you learn the material and prepare for your exams. When you’re done reviewing the material, there is a library of practice questions and exams to choose from so you can put your knowledge and skills to the test.


A Subscription That Fits My Needs

As most college students are, you’re probably taking more than one class during a semester. So why should you fall behind in any class? Chegg Study has resources available for a wide range of subjects including biology, business, engineering, math, and science.

As a plus, Chegg Study is only $15.95/month and has given me unlimited access to resources across subjects!

The Support I Needed to Succeed

Chegg Study has changed the way I approach my college-level coursework – before Chegg Study, I’d fall behind in class and was anxious going into almost every exam. Through the different services available, I’m able to receive step-by-step explanations for topics I struggle with, as well as proactively prepare for my exams through practice questions. If you’re interested in trying Chegg Study, then sign up here!