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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Ditched Kibble and Went For Fresh Dog Food Instead – Here’s Why I’m Never Looking Back

Maria Marcus
ByMaria MarcusMay 19, 2023In Partnership With The Farmer's Dog

I've always been a picky eater. If I don't like the look of a meal or if I think it smells more like a science experiment gone bad, I'm not even trying it! Plain and simple. Well, I think my 9-month-old mini-Goldendoodle somehow takes after me! Don't we all feel that way about our little pups? They are just truly a family member. With Finn, I now know what my parents went through dealing with me as a child; karma? Probably.

I started researching online and talking to friends who recommended fresh dog food and in particular, The Farmer's Dog subscription. It made sense to me, why should I eat fresh food and then give my favorite pup stale-looking kibble? Here's what happened when we tried The Farmer's Dog:

The struggle

Talking to friends and family about Finn, I realized I'm not alone in the dog-mom world by having a picky puppy eater, especially in the Goldendoodle mom club! Same story, different dog. The nudging of the food bowl with his cute little nose, trying to tip over the dreadful kibble as if he were saying “get this food away from me;” the sheer look of doom when I tried to hand-feed the kibble to him, and the sudden turn of the head, refusing to look my direction out of pure disgust, you got it- that was Finn. Every day, I started feeling more and more guilty about feeding Finn this kibble.

If that wasn't bad enough, then the intermittent diarrhea started. I tried veterinary-prescribed kibble, and probiotics and while they helped somewhat, after a few weeks, he was back to pure dread when it came to feeding time and his stools were not much better, either (and that prescription vet food is expensive)!

Great personalization

From all these issues arising, fresh, healthy, nutritious human-grade food for dogs with none of the added preservatives just made sense to try out. The company is created by veterinarians, the food is made fresh from USDA kitchens and they even have flexible and convenient shipping plans. I love personalized touches and with The Farmer's Dog, get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

For starters, I loved filling out the quick survey about Finn- his age, weight, and any medical conditions- it felt like this food was going to be incredibly unique and fit just for Finn. Then, the food arrived super fast with specific instructions on how to wean him onto the new diet- each meal package even had his name on it. I love it! I never had an experience like this with any other dog food company. They definitely pay attention to all the little details- that's my kind of brand.

Easy transition

The transition to The Farmer's Dog was probably the easiest transition I've had to do for Finn and the results so far have been amazing. Saying he loves this food is an understatement. He always wants more than his actual serving and I honestly feel bad that I can't give him more but I'm delighted he loves his new food so much. It's like night and day compared to the kibble reaction I was getting on a daily basis. Oh, and the poops are now perfect! His coat is also super shiny and he isn't scratching as much as he used to. It seems all my favorite pup needed was just some naturally fresh and healthy dog food.

The Verdict

I am proud to say that finally, there's no more pushing the food bowl away, no more disgusted looks towards me, and no more upset stomach. Finn can’t wait to eat each meal and seems all-around happier. It truly makes total sense now that I think about it- isn't natural food going to be better than dried-up, compressed kibble? The verdict is out, the old kibble is out the door, and the fresh food is staying around for a while.