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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Didn’t Think I Was a ‘Tea Person’ – Until I Tried This Blend

Nancy Paterson
ByNancy PatersonOct 17, 2022


As someone who has been perpetually sleep-deprived (even before becoming a parent), coffee has been part of my daily routine since my teens. My husband has some sort of a strange allergy to coffee, so he’s the reason why we have multiple teapots in the condo. I’m not against tea, per se, but tea, for me, has always been more of a special occasion thing. I’ll have my tea on holiday in Japan or at a nice hotel accompanied by tiny sandwiches. I’m just not typically a “tea person.”

Well, it turns out I was just drinking the wrong tea. Our tea drawer primarily consists of random single-serving tea sachets. Some are tea that my husband purchased in bulk, while others were packets that were included in some kind of goodie bag. I’ve never truly given tea a chance because I’ve never had a high quality artisan tea at home. Art of Tea changed that.

Delicious Tea Blends for All

Art of Tea supplies sustainably sourced teas selected directly from growers worldwide, with organic ingredients used whenever possible. They take quality very seriously: consistently tasting samples, examining the dry and wet leaves, and testing the ingredients to ensure the best-tasting tea.

Art of Tea promises that the tea you order in January looks, smells, and tastes the exact same as when you order it in June, and they mean it.

Choosing the Best Cup

Because I’m not typically a tea person, I appreciated that Art of Tea offers an easy online tea quiz. This made it easier to decide which tea I should try first based on my preferences, lifestyle, and tastes.

Earl Grey is my go-to afternoon tea of choice, so the tea quiz suggested  I try Art of Tea’s Earl Grey Crème. Earl Grey Crème has all the hallmarks of traditional Earl Grey (silky and full body bergamot and citrus), but is accompanied by a heavenly French vanilla finish that is, quite frankly, intoxicating. Earl Grey Crème comes both in loose-leaf form and pre-packaged teabag sachets. (They also have an Earl Grey Crème candle that I’m very tempted to try.)

For busy mornings, the ready-to-go tea bag sachets are perfect. With hot water from my Keurig, I can have a cup of tea ready for consumption in under 30 seconds. It’s completely complementary to my daily coffee or even a quiet substitute for days when I don’t need a super strong caffeine jolt.

When I have a little more time or company, the loose-leaf tea is excellent in one of my husband’s teapots or as a DIY exercise for a curious guest. There is something unique and luxurious about loose-leaf tea; I think part of it is the aroma that hits your nostrils as soon as the tin is open. It reminds me of opening a bag of freshly ground coffee - you almost don’t even need to bother making the coffee, just the aroma is so satisfying. I’m honestly considering putting a sachet of Earl Grey Crème in my sweater drawer so I can smell like silky bergamot even without a cup of tea in my hands.

The Satisfying Journey Ahead

I’ve become a tea convert. As far as I can see, Art of Tea is the best that the tea world has to offer. After all, if it’s good enough for a host of luxury hotels and high fashion, it ought to be good enough for a tea novice like me.