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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Didn’t Think I Was a “Jewelry Person” Until I Tried Rocksbox

Amy Sun
ByAmy SunJun 20, 2022In Partnership With Rocksbox

What if I told you that there was a jewelry subscription that is perfect for people who really don’t wear jewelry? Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, hear me out.

I’m not the type to wear lots of bright colors and big jewelry pieces, I much prefer neutral colors and simple outfits and then use jewelry to subtly accessorize. I also like how with the right pieces of jewelry, a casual outfit worn during the day can be given a total makeover for a night out. But overall, I’m a less is more type of girl. So when I decided to give Rocksbox a try, I didn't know what to expect. I assumed I would get over-the-top jewelry pieces that didn’t match my style and neutral dress. Well… I was wrong.

My Bling

The style quiz pretty much nailed me. Maybe it’s beginner's luck, but I’m intending on buying everything I was sent. Rocksbox costs $21/monthly, but if you decide you want to keep one of the pieces they send you, they will simply deduct that $21 off the member price of the jewelry. I received a chunky gold link necklace by Slate and two sets of gold geometric earrings by Love AJ. They were the perfect pieces to accentuate my more neutral style. I actually had put one set of these earrings on my wishlist hoping Rocksbox would send me them. Success! You can actually earn extra credit to use towards purchases when you add 30 pieces of jewelry to your favorites list. And you’ll get your favorites sent to you periodically throughout your shipments.

While I had obviously loved the look of them on the website, I was really impressed with the quality when I received them. They are 18K gold-plated over brass which I have found to be a great combination of metals in terms of durability and longevity. The chunky gold link necklace was also a home run for me as it totally spiced up my neutral outfits, but not in a flashy or unnatural way. This one was sent to me by my stylist and to be completely honest, I don’t think I would have chosen this one to try myself. But the piece is high-quality and looks great, so I’m pretty ecstatic that the quiz helped my stylist find this piece for me!

Unlimited Styles!

Rocksbox gives you an unlimited number of sets per month to try and an unlimited amount of time to wear your jewelry before sending it back or using your credit to keep it. Knowing I could take my time with the piece and wear it on multiple occasions without having to stress about a return was actually pretty amazing. It honestly made the entire Rocksbox experience extremely enjoyable.

I think we probably have all been in the situation where you have bought something, swearing you look great in it, only to then pull it out at home for (exactly the occasion you bought it for) and realize it's not at all what you wanted. To add insult to injury, you’ve either already taken the tags off or you missed your return period. Incredibly frustrating! So I really appreciate how Rocksbox gives you the time to actually wear it and decide if it's right for you or not. Even if you don’t love it and intend to send it back, you get to have a little fun with it for a while! Then you simply send it back in their pre-paid bag and they'll automatically curate your next set! Easy peasy!

Lasting Impression

The best part about Rocksbox (and the reason I believe it's the perfect jewelry subscription for a non-jewelry person) is that you don’t have to keep anything if you don’t love it. This is your chance to try out as many styles, metals, and price points as you want. Go funky, go bold, go delicate, go beachy, you can literally try anything and everything... and you may just find a piece or two to keep along the way!

Amy Sun
Amy Sun

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