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My Subscription Addiction

I Asked 5 People on the Street What They Thought of Twillory’s Air Suit—Here’s What They Said

Alejandro Martinez
ByAlejandro MartinezMar 18, 2024In Partnership With Twillory

Every man should own a sharp suit. But traditional suits have one big problem: they're hotSweat dripping down your face, pit stains on the dress shirt… pretty much defeats the purpose of looking sharp, don’t you think?

Since I spend a ton of time wearing suits, I set out to find a stylish one that wouldn’t feel like a sauna. After tons of testing, I think I finally did: Twillory’s breathable Air Suit

In typical Farela style, I hit the streets to ask guys what they thought of Twillory’s Air Suit. Here’s what they said:

“I can’t believe how breathable this is!”

The most common complaint I heard from guys: their suits are too hot, and they all show up to work sweaty.

They were shocked when I showed them how light and airy Twillory’s Suit Jacket and Suit Pants are. I held the jacket up to the light, and they could see the sun shining through its fibers. That’s thanks to its 360-degree airflow fabric, which makes it ultra-breathable.

But don’t worry: neither the jacket nor the pants are see-through, so you won't see your dress shirt (or underwear) underneath.

“It's so comfortable and stretchy—it feels like workout clothes.”

Another issue with traditional suits is that their stiff, heavy fabric limits your movement. 

I showed some guys how easy it is to move while wearing the Air Suit and they were blown away—one even said he could "run in it." I did jumping jacks, overhead stretches, arm circles… I even had them try it on and compare it to their comfy gym clothes. 

“At least I don’t look like I’m going to the gym, though,” one guy said. He’s right! Even though the suit is comfy and stretchy, it still looks like a suit: sharp and professional.

“You look great, dude. And I'm surprised it’s so affordable.” 

I asked everyone the most important question of all: How do I look? Everyone seemed to vibe with the tailored pants and modern suit jacket, made of mesh. 

Twillory's Air Blazer is $289 and the Air Pants are $99. To me, this is a great value for a well-made suit, especially given that most of mine cost way more than $400. Twillory also offers 10 different color options (6 of them are new), and shipping is free on orders over $139, so even just the blazer ships free.

It fits like it’s made for you right out of the box without needing to be tailored, and it's perfect for pretty much every occasion: work, weddings, dates, and more.

“I can throw this in the wash!?” 

Another question I asked: What’s the worst part about owning a suit? The answer was always the same: dry-cleaning it.

We already know the suit looks and feels amazing, so it was hilarious to see people’s reactions when I told them that the Air Suit is machine-washable. And even though the Air Suit is machine-washable, it still holds its form perfectly (without wrinkles) and doesn’t fade. You can say goodbye to your dry cleaning and your iron.

“This has HOW many pockets?”

I asked a few guys to guess how many pockets the suit has. Nobody was expecting there to be 12—that's double the amount in a traditional suit. 

Between the pants and blazer, the Air Suit has a ton of pockets, including a hidden zippered pocket for important items.

The streets have spoken: Twillory’s Air Suit is a hit

You don’t have to take my word for it. The public has spoken, and the Air Suit is perfect for the modern man. With the Air Suit, you get the breathability and comfort of workout clothes, with the style and sophistication of a traditional suit. All for a pretty great value.

The Air Suit is so popular that it has already sold out 3 times. So if you want one, you better order now. Stay cool and stay classy, my friends. Farela out.