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My Subscription Addiction

How Warm Is This Jacket, Really? I Put It To The Test In Finland

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereNov 23, 2022In Partnership With Oros Apparel

Despite growing up in New York and being an avid skier, I get cold VERY easily. I had a trip coming up to Lapland and was worried about my current jacket keeping me warm enough because I was already not feeling super toasty on my 15-minute walk to work in NYC. I knew this trip to Lapland would be long days out in the cold, so when a friend told me she couldn't have survived on her trip to Scandinavia without OROS, I was immediately intrigued.

I decided to scoop up the new Orion Parka, as well as the Explorer Hoodie and Delta Tight. I was quickly proved wrong that this winter gear wouldn't hold up on my trip abroad. Here’s what I loved about OROS:

NASA-Inspired Design

These OROS clothes have a completely unique, NASA-inspired design that sets it apart from bulky, down-filled competitor jackets. OROS took inspiration from Aerogel, a NASA technology used to insulate spacecrafts at -450°F. Hopefully you don't need insulation to that degree, but even if you do, OROS has you covered to temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit (which I definitely experienced on my Lapland trip).

Also, my new OROS parka has an extra layer of SOLARCORE over the pockets to keep your hands warm. Additionally, the collar on the back of the neck and the drawstring on the hood helped to keep my neck and face extra toasty.

Mobility is Key

OROS' SOLARCORE insulation is strategically placed in thermal zones where your body might otherwise be the coldest, allowing for maximum warmth and better performance. I especially liked the placement of these on my Delta leggings. Because SOLARCORE is completely bulk-free, I can ski and do other cold-weather activities without feeling slowed down. This was a huge plus for me, as I'm not a fan of the way bulky coats restrict my mobility.

Well-Priced Winter Gear

Don’t want to shell out the $900+ of jackets that promise this level of warmth? Well, you’re in luck! OROS’ prices are very reasonable to me, with the Orion Parka coming in at $450, the leggings at $120, and the fleece at $180. Even better, OROS is currently having a Black Friday Preview Week Sale where select styles are 30% off!

Try Before You Buy

Buying a coat is a big purchase for some, so it's absolutely necessary that my purchase has a generous return policy. OROS is one step ahead of you: you can test-run their toasty clothes for free before investing. Cool, huh?

You'll have 10 days to wear your OROS gear around and inevitably fall in love with it–but on the off-chance you want to return it, just make sure it's postmarked and on its way back to OROS by the 10th full day so you're not charged the full price.


One thing that sets OROS jackets apart is that they're vegan. SOLARCORE technology completely replaces down-filled jackets and the like, which is what many competitors use to make their coats warm (they're also a little bulky, just saying). I love that OROS is cruelty-free yet without a doubt one of the warmest coats I've ever worn.

The Verdict

I’ll be buying more OROS gear for my ski days and future cold-weather trips. I can’t recommend it enough if, like me, you struggle to stay warm in cold weather or are looking for new winter outerwear!