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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How Virtual Pet Care Finally Solved My Dog’s Behavior Challenges 

Niall Cooper
ByNiall CooperJul 8, 2022In Partnership With AskVet

My not-so-little 100-pound Bernese mountain dog, Winnie, is everything to me and my family. But even though Winnie is two years old, she’ll still sometimes act like a puppy in a dog’s body! She can be so amazing: loving, fun, and playful. Other times she can be so mischievous: loud, incessant barking, jumping up and down on guests, running around the house, chewing up furniture, and more.

It can get tough, especially when she uses her 100-lb body to its full capacity! I’ve taken Winnie to multiple training and obedience classes over the years and have seen little progress. She’s always amazing with the trainer but awful when she gets back home with me. So it was time to try something totally different for her.

Discovering AskVet’s 1:1 Virtual Pet Care Support

I came across AskVet from a neighbor who was also dealing with similar obedience-related dog issues. AskVet  has a team of certified pet coaches ready to share tips that will help bolster your pet’s wellness through the creation of a unique 360° Pet Lifestyle Plan.

I was thrilled to discover AskVet – both for Winnie’s sake and my sake! Let me tell you, it definitely lived up to the hype. First, I filled out a few questions about Winnie and provided AskVet with as much information as possible. I was then prompted to schedule my 1-on-1 meeting with an AskVet certified pet lifestyle expert to help gather more information about Winnie and our biggest behavior challenges.

I then scheduled another meeting two weeks later with my pet lifestyle expert to discuss the plan moving forward with Winnie and how to turn around her mischievous behavior. I liked how the meeting with my AskVet pet coach was incredibly quick and easy to schedule. The best part? The meeting took place over Zoom – a lot more comfortable and convenient than having to load Winnie up in my car and drive her across town to the vet’s office.

My pet lifestyle coach offered amazing advice on how to work with Winnie and train her. The plan we both came up with has been impactful. For example, one thing that my AskVet pet coach pointed out was that I wasn’t training Winnie consistently. Training and obedience practice should be a consistent, daily activity and I was only doing it a few times a week.

Setting Long-Term Obedience Goals

AskVet's advice about consistent obedience training was spot on. I can confidently say that after my consultations with AskVet and implementing my action plan from my lifestyle expert, Winnie is behaving so much better.

Winnie seems happier and that makes me happy, too. Plus, now I can finally have guests over to my house without having to worry about Winnie acting poorly!

Life at home has become a lot more pleasant with AskVet available when I need them. So to stay consistent and on top of her obedience progression, I’m meeting up with my lifestyle expert once a month over Zoom in case anything else comes up with Winnie and to continue to practice our obedience.

Here are some other reasons Winnie and I are loving AskVet:

  • The AskVet app is easy to use and I’ve always gotten great advice.
  • Access to 24/7 support. Total peace of mind that virtual veterinarians are on standby to answer my questions – especially for issues that pop up late at night.
  • They offer members a Rainy Day Fund when emergencies happen – up to $1,000 to help cover emergency pet care costs.
  • Their One Pet ID Technology simplifies the search and rescue process to ensure your lost pets are reunited quickly and safely.

I highly recommend checking out AskVet and seeing how their vets and lifestyle pet experts can help you and your pets live a long, healthy life together! Membership is only $9.99 a month!

Niall Cooper
Niall Cooper

Niall is a podcaster, homebrewer, and coffee addict, who likes nothing better than to wax lyrical about his latest subscription addiction. Originally from Scotland, he now lives on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi with his lovely wife, their sweet little dog, a million houseplants, and so many odd jobs to eventually get round to in their old Craftsman house.