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My Subscription Addiction

How to Live an Active & Vibrant Life With Incontinence

Rebecca Olkowski
ByRebecca OlkowskiDec 29, 2022In partnership with Made for Living

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Have you ever felt wet when you belly laugh, sneeze, or do a jumping jack? It’s a common issue for older women. For some it may just be a little squirt, but for others an embarrassing flood. Yep, the issue is incontinence – but it doesn’t mean you can’t lead an active lifestyle.

The word “incontinence” brings up images of someone sick or old who has lost control over their bodily functions. However, there are many causes of incontinence–it could be medical, or maybe you had natural childbirths that made you a bit loose in the caboose. Made for Living’s disposable absorbent underwear is here to help you feel confident again without fear of accidents, embarrassment, and stress.

An occasional squirt isn’t something to be embarrassed about

Incontinence can be pretty unpredictable, but everyone deserves to live life uninterrupted. Maybe you’re traveling on a long flight and are stuck in a seat where you have to climb over a sleeping passenger. Maybe you love to go bowling or play tennis, but have been avoiding it because you’re afraid you’ll have an accident. Luckily, the protection from Made for Living will give you the confidence and security to find happiness in the everyday.

Made for Living’s underwear comes in four sizes and two absorbances–their Maximum Absorbency Underwear (which holds up to 4 cups) and their Ultimate Absorbency Underwear (which holds up to 6 cups). Made for Living’s underwear has a high-capacity core and dry top sheet so you’re never left questioning.

The Maximum Absorbency fit is ideal for the everyday, while the Ultimate Absorbency works best overnight. Whatever your situation, there’s a Made for Living product that lets you garden or skydive to your heart’s content!

Some incontinence products are better than others

Many women avoid wearing adult diapers because they’re bulky and obvious. Lots of women don’t want to add to their behind with extra padding! With this in mind, Made for Living created underwear that’s slim and made to disappear under clothes, so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Made for Living’s products are also uniquely designed to conform to your body shape–this is huge, because we’re all shaped differently. Some of us have big bellies, and others have large hips–regardless of your shape and size, Made for Living is, well, genuinely made with you in mind.

Why Made for Living wins in my book

To be transparent, I don’t wear disposable absorbent underwear myself (at least not yet). I’m more of an occasional squirter, but I know other people who swear by absorbent underwear to maintain their quality of life. And, you never know when it will be necessary, even if just temporarily.

One thing I do know from dealing with loved ones who have needed them is that it can be embarrassing to buy them in a store. Made for Living can be purchased online making it convenient and less obvious, and  the products will be shipped to you in an unmarked package as well!

On top of easy, discreet delivery, a subscription service is available so you never have to worry about running out of them when they’re most needed, but you can cancel at any time. You can also adjust your delivery schedule for the cadence that works best for you. Take advantage of the Fit Quiz on the website to determine your best size!