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How to Host a Festive Birthday Gathering Like a Party Pro

Nancy Paterson
ByNancy PatersonAug 4, 2022In Partnership With Milk Bar

For our joint 25th birthday, my best friend and I coordinated matching outer space-themed outfits (complete with wigs) and organized a bar buyout for 60 of our closest friends. Now, nearly ten years later, I’m either working or running around after a toddler every day of my life, including my birthday, so I’m lucky if someone remembers to make a dinner reservation. If I want a cake, it better be delivered to my door. If I want candles, they better be delivered to my door. If I want any birthday decor … you get the idea.

That’s why The Happy Birthday Kit by Milk Bar was perfect for an impromptu birthday celebration. Not only is the cake delicious and Insta-worthy but it also comes with candles, hilariously meta crowns, candles, a birthday banner - and yes, the whole shebang was delivered to my door. To be honest, I’m not sure I would have ordered a birthday banner if I was buying things individually because that’s just one more package I have to wait for and open, but having everything together in one kit makes it so easy.

Instant Party-Worthy Treats Delivered

I was so excited when I received the package, which was meticulously arranged and stayed cold for hours on yet another scorching summer day in this heat wave. The cake looked as iconic in real life as it does from all the photos on Instagram and all the guests couldn’t help but snap pictures. But beyond the Insta-appeal, the taste was exceptional and it definitely reminded me of the boxed vanilla funfetti cakes I used to enjoy as a kid (but much better).

The cake arrived as fresh as could be and I was so impressed that Milk Bar managed the journey to Westchester on such short notice. Milk Bar delivers 7 days a week to anywhere in the US - definitely handy for those times when you don’t quite make it to that artisanal bakery but also don’t want to serve your guests a grocery store cake (although, I will happily devour a Publix cake when it’s not my birthday).

As a quick add-on, we also got the B-day Truffle Dozen Box - bite-sized treats for those who either can’t wait for the cake to be sliced or insist that they don’t want a slice of cake but secretly do. Plus, they’re great for toddlers who haven’t quite mastered silverware yet. As a Canadian, I can’t help but see them as fancy rainbow Timbits even if they taste quite different.

Perfect For Any Celebration

The cake was a huge hit at our pool party / impromptu birthday celebration and the kids especially loved the decor. Oh, the Birthday Kit also comes with a cowbell which quite frankly confused me at first but was very happily enjoyed by a pair of 2-year-olds. I think when it comes to fun additions, Milk Bar belongs to the “why not?” school of thought.

As much as I love a theme party, it involves a lot of forethought and planning that I don’t always have time to do, especially for myself these days. Fortunately, Milk Bar’s rainbow aesthetic matches anything and everything. Whether you’re serving the cake by the pool, at the office, or at a German beer hall, the Milk Bar birthday cake always looks like an invited guest even if it’s a last-minute addition. If only we all had the superpower of showing up to any venue in whatever we were wearing and fitting in seamlessly.

My New Birthday Tradition

I can’t think of anything better than cake and ice cream on my birthday (hint hint to any of my friends or family reading this). But if you’re not as much of a cake fan, Milk Bar has dozens of other festive options available too.

With Milk Bar’s birthday options, there’s simply no excuse for not celebrating your birthday - even if you’re an overworked, tired mom.