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How to Get the Best Shave: An Unofficial Guide

Damon Sumner
ByDamon SumnerNov 30, 2022In partnership with Harry's

As men, I think there’s this misconception that we somehow are born knowing how to get the best shave. Well, let me get you in on a little secret: we aren’t!

Trust me, it took me years to figure this stuff out. Now, I’m no barber, but after finding the perfect Harry’s razor and learning how to shave the right way, I thought I’d do you a favor and answer some questions, man to man.

What number of blades gives the closest shave?

I never cared about the number of blades, but I started to realize my three-blade razor wasn’t cutting it. When I used my Harry’s five-blade razor, I got an unbelievably close shave. Turns out, having more blades helps distribute pressure when shaving–which means you don’t get nicked by your razor. (Pause for a mind-blowing moment).

By upgrading my razor to a Harry’s five-blade cartridge, my shaving experience changed completely! Now I shave with confidence before a new performance or shooting a video.

Is there a right way to shave your face?

When it comes to shaving, there is a right and wrong way. I’m sorry. You’re supposed to shave in the direction where you feel the least resistance or friction. To figure this out, run your hand over your face smoothly and notice the difference. Shaving in the right direction reduces ingrown hairs and red bumps so you can get smoother-looking skin.

Basically, you have to learn to go with the flow!

My facial hair grows in so many directions. So to make sure I’m doing this right, I first go in with a shaving gel. As I’m massaging the gel into my face, I figure out where the grain is going. Then I get out my Harry’s razor and start shaving. This works 9.5 out of 10 times.

Does the weight of the razor matter?

It turns out your razor can break or make your shave. A heavier razor feels more comfortable on your hand and gives you steadier use, especially if you’re not a pro. Lighter razors force you to apply more pressure to your face, which can increase the likelihood of getting cut.

Choose a heavier razor, like Harry’s The Truman Razor, so it does all the work instead of you having to apply too much pressure. Sorry, folks… weight matters!

Are all razors designed the same way?

Absolutely not. Some razors are designed for your legs and body, while others are designed for your head. Others have one blade, and some you throw away after each use. My wife uses the same razor for her whole body, and I thought men were the same.

However, there’s definitely a need to get a razor designed for your face in order to get a close and safe shave. For example, Harry’s razors feature a precision trimmer blade that helps access hard-to-reach places like sideburns and under your nose. This means I can feel confident I’m getting the best shave ever.

How often do I have to clean my blades while shaving?

I know many men out there who have asked this question before. I’m one of them. I kept reading that you need to shave with a clean razor.

You’re supposed to rinse after every stroke to wash away the hair, shaving cream, and dead skin cells. Otherwise, you’re clogging the blades and increasing your chances of an uneven shave, irritation, and nicks. The right way to do it is to rinse your Harry’s razor blades with scorching hot water from back to front over the blades to eliminate any residue. That will give you the cleanest shave (and have you looking your best).

The best razor for your best shave

All in all, finding a razor that you know delivers is the best way to get a great shave. For me, those razors are Harry’s razors. I love that they have that precision trimmer blade to help me get my anchor beard style right. I feel totally confident I can grab my Harry’s razor and get an amazing shave–just baby-smooth skin here!