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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How to Discover Australia’s Hidden-Gem Gin Distilleries – Right From Home

Holly Connors
ByHolly ConnorsSep 13, 2022

If you love drinking gin as much as I do – and would love to get a taste of Australia’s best gin distilleries right from the comfort of home – then look no further than Garden Street Gin Club!

As a travel blogger, I feel that this subscription box is the perfect way for Aussie gin lovers to get a chance to explore Australia's hidden-gem gin distilleries.  It’s honestly such an incredible concept – the monthly subscription box provides everything you need to discover new flavors.

Garden Street Gin Club: What's In the Box?

Each month you'll receive a new selection of gin from a different Australian distillery, along with information about the product and the people behind it.

This is a full-size bottle of gin to give you plenty of opportunities to really enjoy it.

You also get two matching tonic waters to complement the gin of the month, plus snacks and garnishes to go along with your tasting experience. This makes it so easy to enjoy it straight away without having to rush to the store to get pairings!

Along with these essentials, each box also has a surprise gift and a beautiful magazine full of tasting notes, recipes, the history of the featured distillery of the month, and other cool things, so you can make the most of your gin experience.

The Gin Experience

What I love most about Garden Street Gin Club (aside from the actual gin) is the beautiful presentation! The box itself is lovely and the presentation is perfect for gifting.

But it also makes you feel like you are really treating yourself to get such a lovely gift box arriving on your doorstep each month.

I also love the flexibility they have in their subscriptions, whether you want a new gin surprise arriving every month, every second month or every third month, with no lock-in contracts. This makes it really appealing in case your circumstances change or if you are travelling in between deliveries. You can easily adjust your subscription to suit.

Plus it's exciting to discover what unique ingredients or processes each of these small batch gins is made with, whether it be native ingredients that are uniquely Australian or a secret ingredient.

Some of the bottles are so beautiful that you may want to keep them forever, even after the last drop of gin is gone! Their creativity is always inspiring, making me feel like I’ve taken a journey with every new bottle. And, of course, it has you wanting to visit each distillery in person one day too!

The Value

Garden Street Gin Club is great value for money. At just $99 per subscription box (shipping included), it is by far the most affordable way to explore and discover new gins from Australia's best distilleries.

To put this into perspective, if you were to buy a full-size bottle of gin at the retail price, plus matching tonics, garnishes, and snacks, and have them all shipped to your door, it would cost a lot more. This creates a much better experience, all packaged up and ready to enjoy!

Plus, you get to discover new small-batch distilleries you likely never knew existed, potentially finding new favourite brands of gin.

(Not to mention the fact that you can do your gin tasting on the couch, in your pyjamas if you so desire!)

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a unique gift or want a new way to explore Australia's hidden-gem distilleries, I highly recommend checking out Garden Street Gin Club! This subscription box can be a special treat just for you or to share with family and friends, coming together over food and drink. It might also inspire your next travel destination!